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For the Application and much more information, go to The Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee website,  Boston Terrier Rescue of East TN

at bostonterriertn.org and use the online application.

We do require both an adoption application & a contract. We check Vet references, interview families and do home visits. We ask for a nominal adoption donation to help us defray the medical expenses of the next homeless dog.

It generally costs us more than we take in in fees per dog to completely vet a dog. Many come to us old and frail, often sick, making donations more critical. We are not subsidized by the government or any foundation, but rather by only a few very good people.   We're delighted to get donations.

Our adoption application is available on-line and we will generally respond within 24-48 hours to your application and answer any initial questions. Anyone wishing to adopt should complete the application so the approval process is initiated. There is no obligation, on your behalf, by filling out the application it will just introduce us to you and your family.   We do require, generally, a $20 application fee to help defray the costs and help pay the bills for adoption applications but not for foster apps.

Who We Are

All breeds have their own particular needs and rescued pets have special requirements as well, very often in want of medical care, often lacking nourishment and kindness, and often expensive to rehabilitate.

We operate across the entire southeast,  and cover the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West VA, Georgia, Arkansas, North and South Carolina, Arkansas and Florida with the help of our Representatives and Foster Homes. We share information and resources across the USA with affiliated Boston Rescue shelters and independent shelters, rescues and friends.

We will not refuse any dog for rescue, regardless of background or medical condition or age.

Adoption is a simple process but matching the right pet to the right owner can be more difficult. There is an adoption application that must be completed, reference checks, vet checks, etc., and an adoption fee depending on specific circumstances as well as an adoption contract to protect both the pet and the new owner should for any reason, "things not work out."

Some, but certainly not all of these dogs have various problems often not associated with the normal "house pet" relationship. Some come from cruel, hostile and abusive situations; some are near starving or have other physical problems. They may come to us with broken spirits as well as broken hearts and special dogs like these need special people to care for them.

Fortunately, most others come from loving and caring families who simply find themselves in circumstances where for a variety of reasons they can no longer care for their pets as they would wish.

Our primary goal is to place a dog in the most suitable environment, based on the animal's individual needs and its temperament. The commitment is lifelong and the Boston's interests are always foremost.



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