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Who We Are

Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue was started in December, 2001 as a way to rescue and rehabilitate Shelties that need a "Fresh Start" in life. All Shelties in our program have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered, checked (and treated if necessary) for heartworms, checked (and treated if necessary) for parasites, and groomed. They have had their temperament evaluated. Prospective homes will be thoroughly screened before being considered to adopt.

Thinking about adopting a rescued Sheltie?

Have you done your research?
  • Read. There are many good sources of information about Shelties. There is a brief description here on this page -click here. (Then click your back button to return to Petfinder). There are many good books written on the breed. One such book (affectionately know as the Sheltie "Bible") is Sheltie Talk by Betty Jo McKinney. You can do a search on the Internet and find good material about this wonderful breed.

  • Talk. Talk to actual Sheltie owners. Ask them what it is like day to day living with a Sheltie. Ask them to tell you about the challenges as well as the rewards.

  • Think. Now that you have read and talked to others about Shelties, spend some quality time considering if a Sheltie is right for you. Will it fit into your family and lifestyle? Even if you have owned a Sheltie before, adopting and owning a rescued Sheltie can be quite different due to "baggage" this new famiy member brings with them. One example might be excessive shyness due to living in a puppymill with little socialization. Also, think about whether you are willing to commit to owning this dog for the rest of his/her life. We only want applicatants that are looking to give a dog their "forever" home.

What kind of adopters are we looking for?

  • ones that have a securely fenced yard for the safety and welfare of their dogs. Only rarely do we consider other options to a fenced yard.
  • ones that are looking to give a dog a "forever home."
  • ones that have their other pets spayed or neutered unless showing in conformation or the animal has a medical condition that prohibits safely spaying or neutering them
  • ones that are going to keep their adopted Sheltie as an inside family member. Potential adopters that want a Sheltie as an outdoor dog are automatically declined.
  • ones that realize that rescued Shelties might have some "baggage" or issues to deal with and are willing to work toward helping the dog realize his or her full potential.

What is the adoption process?

The first step is to fill out an adoption application. After we receive your completed application and review it, then we contact your vet to check that your other pets are current on vaccinations, on heartworm prevention, etc. Then we will contact you to set up a time for someone to visit your home to meet you and your family. Once you have been approved, we will contact you to discuss which dog might best fit your family and lifestyle.

What are the adoption fees?

The adoption fee charged is to help cover our (many) expenses. The fees for adopting a Sheltie through our organization are as follows:

  • Shelties - up to 1 yr. old - $250.00
  • Shelties - 1 to 9 yrs. old - $200.00
  • Shelties - over 10 yrs. old - $150.00.

These adoption fees includes spay or neuter, routine vaccinations, heartworm check and preventative, flea prevention, grooming, and a dental cleaning if needed.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse an applicant if, in our judgment, the home situation is not compatible with the needs of a Sheltie or if the breed is not suitable for the applicant.

Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue, Inc.
Collierville, Tennessee
Phone: 901-734-5414

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