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Adopting a friend

Because we are solely owned and managed by Murphy Road Animal Hospital, you may find that our adoption procedures differ from other humane shelters and pounds. WE ONLY DO LOCAL ADOPTIONS!!! We require any person adopting a new pet to fill out an extensive interview form. This form is then reviewed, and either approved or declined by the Adoption Center Staff. Once approved, you are then required to sign a contract that you will bring the new puppy or kitten back to Murphy Road Animal Hospital for its remaining puppy/kitten shots, and for its spay or neuter BEFORE it turns six months old. There are 2 main reasons we require the use of our veterinarians for these visits: 1) The funding of our program relies solely on the healthcare provided to our pets through the use of our animal hospital, and 2) We are able to most efficiently keep up with each and every one of our adoptions to ensure they are properly vaccinated and are spayed/neutered.

What does it typically cost? Well, you can expect to spend a minimum of $185 to take one of our healthy puppies or kittens home. This amount pays for the following: 1) the initial exam (including a thorough physical exam as well as testing for internal parasites and other mites), 2) the initial set of shots & deworming, 3) it puts a deposit towards the third set of shots, 4) a $25.00 deposit is applied toward the cost of the spay/neuter, 5) and the first month of heartworm and parasite prevention. The amount also covers the thorough vet exam that we require at the time of adoption. This is to ensure the pet is healthy before it goes home.

What isn't included? A puppy is required to see our vets for as many as 3-4 sets of vaccines, while a kitten needs up to 4 sets. You are always required to pay for any set(s) of shots that have already been given. You can expect to pay around $80.00 for each additional required kitten visit, and $100.00 for each additional required puppy visit. These visits each include another thorough exam with one of our vets, the required vaccinations, and additional dewormings, if needed. You will also need to pay the balance due on the pet's spay or neuter. For male and female puppies, you should expect to pay another $170.00 - $200.00 when the procedure is performed. Kittens spay/neuter is included in the adoption fee. Please note that the above prices do not include pre-surgical blood work and/or pain medicine.

I know that the above information may seem overwhelming to you at first! Just know that taking home a new puppy or kitten is quite a commitment, both of time and money. If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact us by phone or email so that we may discuss any details with you.

Come Visit Us!

We are located at 4423 Murphy Road in West Nashville. Murphy Road is one block East of I-440 off of West End Avenue.

From East (Donelson, Hermitage, Airport Area, etc.): Take I-40 West to I-440 West. Take the West End Avenue Exit heading East, which is towards downtown. From West End, take a left at the first light (Murphy Road). We are 1 1/2 miles down Murphy Road on the left.

From North (East Nashville, Madison, Rivergate, etc.): Take I-65 South to I-40 West, to I-440 East. From 440, take the very first exit, "Murphy Road/West End Avenue". Take a right off the exit ramp onto Murphy Road. We are 1 1/2 miles down on the left.

From South (Antioch, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, etc.): Take I-24 West to I-440 West. Take the West End Avenue Exit heading East, which is towards downtown. From West End, take a left at the first light (Murphy Road). We are 1 1/2 miles down Murphy Road on the left.

From West (Bellevue, Belle Meade, etc.): Take Harding Road heading East. It will turn into West End Avenue. You will pass St. Thomas Hospital and the Aquinas Campus, both on your left. As you near Montgomery Bell Academy on your right, take a left at the light onto Cherokee Road. You will go through 1 4-way stop, pass the golf course, and then come to a stoplight at Murphy Road. Take a right, and we are a few doors up on the right.

Love at First Sight Pet Adoption Center
4423 Murphy Road

Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-297-2464

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