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Memphis Sheltie Rescue is a not-for-profit group based with the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Memphis, comprised of volunteers who give of their time, ability, and even their homes to help place Shelties where they will be well cared for and loved. Our main goals are the protection of Shelties already here, the prevention of further irresponsible breeding, and the education of any Sheltie owner who requests it, concerning the breed itself, suitability to lifestyles, care, conditioning, training and the multiple activities that can be explored with this wonderful companion.

Adopting a friend

Memphis Sheltie Rescue has all kinds of Shelties for adoption. All rescued dogs are evaluated by a veterinarian. Each dog will be spayed or neutered, checked for heartworms, and have vaccinations brought up to date. Prospective owners are interviewed and carefully screened to make sure they will provide stable, permanent, and loving homes for these special dogs. Potential owners must have a home visit, vet reference check, and a securely fenced backyard. Our dogs must be primarily indoor dogs.

Come Visit Us!

We are not a shelter facility. Our dogs are cared for in foster homes. You may email us to request an application. Due to budget constraints, we cannot return long distance phone calls until we have received a completed application.
Shetland Sheepdog Club of Memphis Rescue

Memphis, TN
Phone: 901-454-5888

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