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Majestic Giants Great Dane Rescue was founded in January 2009 by a group of dedicated volunteers from the closing rescue Great Creatures Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound Rescue, Inc.   Our mission is to provide safe, temporary housing for homeless, abused, and/or neglected Great Danes and Great Dane mixes.   We are committed to spaying and neutering all animals that pass through our program, without exception.   We also provide high quality nutrition, personalized and full veterinary care, as well as basic housebreaking and crate training skills for all fostered dogs.   We assist potential adopters in choosing the right Dane for their lifestyle, and provide life-long support to both dogs and their families.

Majestic Giants Great Dane Rescue is not a sanctuary.   We believe in the future of our breed, and as such, we do not adopt out dogs with known "aggression" issues to humans.   We believe in the safety of our community, and the value of life.   We will make every effort to rehabilitate, restore, and re-home all Danes placed into our care, but we will not intentionally place an aggressive dog in a home.

We are not a shelter.   There is no "time limit" on dogs in our program, and we do not euthanize dogs due to lack of space or amount of time in rescue.   We do not have a central location where you can come and browse through adoptable dogs.   We do not offer "same day" adoptions.

At Majestic Giants Great Dane Rescue, our commitment is to finding better homes for our Danes, not just any home.   Thank you for choosing to adopt from us.   We hope to help you find your next best friend.

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