Metro Animal Care and Control

Our Pet List

Metro Animal Care and Control is a full service program:
* Impound stray, nuisance and surrendered animals and provide humane treatment while in our custody.
* Identification and return of lost pets.
* Adoption program with spay/neuter included in fee.
* Euthanize homeless, unwanted, sick and injured animals.
* Quarantine of biting animals for rabies observation.
* Humane education and pet care information provided to community and schools. * Provide traps for wildlife and nuisance animals.
* Investigation of cruelty and neglect complaints pertaining to animals.
* Issue Davidson County rabies tags and maintain records of all vaccinations.
* Organize month long rabies clinics annually.
* Provide service to the citizens, while enforcing Tennessee State laws and local ordinances as related to animals.
* Aid in control of animal diseases, including rabies.

Adopting a friend

ADOPTION: Dogs are $90. Price includes Adoption Fee, Deworming, Heartworm Test, Spay/Neuter Fees, Rabies & License Fee.
ADOPTION: Cats are $60. Price includes adoption fee, Feluk test, rabies fee, spay/neuter fees.

Come visit us Tuesday thru Saturday 10am until 4pm. Please bring the Animal's ID number to the shelter

Metro Animal Care and Control
5125 Harding Place
Nashville, TN 37211 Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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