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"We all need new homes..."

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PAWS is Animal Control for Rutherford County, TN.
Open: Mon - Fri - NOON till 6 PM // Sat -11 AM till 2 PM

About this Shelter:
This county shelter takes in over 10,000 animals a year. Of that number, only a little over 19% are ever reclaimed or adopted out. If you have lost your pet, please check with PAWS to see if it is here.
If you are looking for a new pet for your home, please consider a shelter pet first. All available animals are spayed or neutered, given basic shots when checked in, heartworm tested and given rabies shots at time of adoption, and they are all ready to go today to their new home for an $80 adoption fee and an approved Adoption Application.

Rescue Groups:
Due to the overwhelming number of animals the shelter has to deal with on a daily basis, animal rescue groups are encouraged to register their organization with PAWS and assist the shelter in trying to place these animals in good homes.
Before you can pull an animal from this shelter, please download the PAWS Rescue Application form, fill it out and fax to the shelter for review and approval. The process takes a few days to verify all your information and references, so please be patient. Upon approval, your group will be listed as a PAWS approved rescue group, and you or your local agent can pull any animal available to rescue. Please be prepared to pay adoption fees and take immediate possession whenever you are rescuing any animal from PAWS...

If you are an Approved PAWS Rescue Group, you can request volunteer assistance with pulling a last call animal from this shelter by contacting ASAP on facebook at Animal Support and Placement Rescue or by email at

Citizens of Rutherford County: These rescue groups desperately need your help. Foster families are top on the list. If you have a local home to offer a homeless animal for a few weeks or more, consider being a animal rescue foster volunteer. While you provide a safe place for a homeless animal to stay, your rescue group provides the cost for any medical attention needed and works on finding a furever home for your fostered animal.

If you are a local Rutherford County citizen wanting to help in some way, contact the shelter at 898-7740 and ask for a PAWS Approved rescue group that needs some volunteer help. They will be glad to put you in touch with a reputable group.

There are many ways you can help a rescue group:

Offer to pick up animals from the shelter for out of town rescue groups needing "boots on the ground" help.

Provide a foster home for a shelter pet that needs a place to stay for a little while.

Provide taxi service for animals needing rides to vets, adoption events, or being relocated.

Provide and/or deliver food donations to foster homes.

Provide doggie daycare and sitting services to help out sometimes by giving a foster family a day off.

Post animals in need information on your facebook page to help get the word out in your circle that an animal needs help. Like and share Animal Support and Placement Rescue on facebook.

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"We all need a new homes too..."

615 898 7994

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