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The Ark of Cleveland, Inc. is a Faith-Based Not-For-Profit 501(c) 3 tax deductible organization. As Bradley County's No Kill Shelter we rescue and re-home adoptable pets in the Ocoee Region. Fully vetted, healthy, socialized pets, are available for adoption, in a pleasant, clean, and loving environment! The Ark receives no city, county or state financial assistance, existing solely on private donations from those who love pets and want them to have a No Kill shelter. WISH LIST: Donations of clumping cat litter, pet toys, beef hooves, baby blankets, recycled newspapers, are always needed and very appreciated. Donations to The Ark are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and are gratefully accepted at 240 Oak St NW, Cleveland, TN 37364. The Ark, staffed by loving volunteers, features The Jimmy Webb Memorial CAGE FREE Communal Cat Room. Dogs enjoy a quiet and clean kennel area, and "whimsical" clean and quiet Bonding Rooms where adopters can get acquainted with their next forever friend. Ark pets receive comprehensive vetting at Community Animal Hospital, including: a Veterinary examination, heartworm prevention, Veterinary administered vaccinations, spay/neuter, deworming, and flea/tick prevention. Every Ark pet has already been vetted before being offered for adoption. ADOPTER FRIENDLY HOURS: Monday through Saturday 1-5. CLOSED: Saturday & Sunday. We are open all Holidays if they fall on a regular adoption day. Rewarding VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES are available! For more information, call 472-2744, email The Ark Support Team at, or come by The Ark No Kill Shelter. The Ark is located at 240 Oak Street NW, in beautiful Historic Downtown Cleveland. Come by and visit Ark pets in a loving, home-like setting. This rescue model achieves both quality and quantity pet adoptions. That all Ark pets are spayed/neutered before adoption, saves thousands of unwanted innocent lives in the coming years! Read more good news on Facebook at: The Ark LEAVE ALIVE Shelter is a Member of MainStreet Cleveland.


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Adopters complete a short adoption contract. This eliminates "whim" adoptions and ensures they get the right pet. *** Comprehensive Veterinary care is done at Community Animal Hospital ( or 472-3252) BEFORE pets are offered for adoption. All Ark pets have current vet administered vaccinations, have been vet examined, are de-wormed, heartworm prevention, are on heartworm and flea/tick prevention, and are already spayed or neutered! Pets are in take home condition at the time of adoption. Some pets required expensive catastrophic care such as: heartworm treatment, broken bones, dental care, or surgery to correct medical conditions which requires The Ark spend several hundred dollars on their vetting to ensure their good health before adoption. Every Ark pet comes with a personalized veterinary record. Ark pets are healthy, and in "take home condition" at the time of adoption. Comprehensive vetting, before adoption, means cost savings for adopters. Ark pets have already been socialized. Socialized pets and comprehensive veterinary care BEFORE adoption, account for the Ark's highly successful adoption rates.

Who We Are

The Ark of Cleveland, Inc. is a Faith-Based, non-profit entity incorporated under the laws of the state of Tennessee, subject to provisions of Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service.
MISSION STATEMENT of The Ark of Cleveland, Inc.
1. To educate children and adults on topics of kindness to all living beings, proper care and the need to spay and neuter as many companion animals as possible to reduce the tragic animal over-population crisis. 2. To increase adoptions at The Ark of Cleveland No Kill Shelter and Resource Center. 3. To expand The Ark of Cleveland No Kill Shelter, allowing us to save the lives of more adoptable pets. 4. To help pet owners with placing unwanted pets, find homes for lost, found and rescued pets and providing an information service, including referral information.
The Ark of Cleveland, Inc. is Bradley County's No Kill Shelter, staffed by caring VOLUNTEERS. Tax deductible donations are always needed, welcomed and very much appreciated! Monetary donations are used for routine and catastrophic veterinary care, pet supplies, and help keep the NO KILL shelter and resource center open. (DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED AT 240 Oak St NW -OR- PO Box 1514 Cleveland, TN 37364) Donations of clumping cat litter, pet toys, dog beef hooves, and baby blankets, are always needed. Help The Ark No Kill Shelter help Cleveland, Bradley County, and the Ocoee Region, with it's homeless pets. Now is the perfect time to remember a pet, or to honor a current pet, by making a donation. Bequeaths are a wonderful way to help homeless pets after we are gone, and ensure Bradley County's No Kill Shelter stays open. All The Ark pets thank you from the bottom of their hearts for helping make the Ark a dream come true!

Adopting a friend

The Ark's highly adoptable pets can be seen at The Ark No Kill Shelter, located in Historic Downtown Cleveland, at 240 Oak Street NW, and on our pet list by clicking the link at the top of this page OR by viewing the new convenient pet scroller. New pets are vetted, and become available for adoption daily. These pets are in take home condition the day of adoption! If you are interested in becoming an Ark Volunteer, please call 472-2744, email, or come by the Ark No-Kill Shelter. If you want to unwind after work, or school, would like some exercise, or simply feel the need to provide some loving quaility time for an Ark dog, come by Tuesday thru Saturday at 4:00 pm and spend a few minutes with our dogs on The Ark's lawn. Make it part of your weekly routine. When your favorite friend leaves, it is a time to rejoice, knowing they found a loving forever home. Then you begin the heart warming process again with a new friend that appreciates your kindness so much!

Come Visit Us!

Ark Membership Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at The Ark, located in Historic Downtown Cleveland. Join us in saving the lives of highly adoptable abandoned and unwanted pets in the Ocoee Region! "But ask the animals, and they will teach you..." Job 12:7. ARK of Cleveland, Inc. ........ "SAVING LIVES, HELPING PETS AND PEOPLE" Bob Caylor President/CEO ARK of Cleveland, Inc. PO Box 1514 240 Oak St. NW Cleveland, TN 37364 423-472-2744 The ARK of Cleveland, Inc. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: President/CEO: Bob Caylor, Vice President: Elaine Hyde, Recording Secretary-Reed Wilson, Correspondence Secretary: Virginia Owens, Treasurer: Virginia Owens, SHELTER DIRECTOR-Bob Caylor, VOLUNTEER LEGAL COUNSEL: Doug Blackwell, VETERINARY MEDICAL DIRECTOR-Dr. James Lane, Community Animal Hospital
The Ark of Cleveland, Inc.
PO Box 1514
Cleveland, TN 37364
Phone: (423)-472-2744

Email: for general information.
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