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How did you get so many Labs??!!

    As a rescue group, LRRM is no longer accepting new dogs. We are, however, helping rescue partners and shelters by placing their dogs on our site. All dogs on this site are close to Memphis and with reputable rescue groups. Many dogs on this site are in shelters that are forced to kill adoptable pets because of overpopulation. Please use the email contact associated with each dog in order to contact the correct person. Thanks for adopting your next best friend!!

    Why adult dogs are often so much better of a fit in families

    In a Word - Housebroken Most adult dogs are housebroken before they are adopted and adult dogs housebreak VERY easily!!

    Intact Furniture An adult Lab can USUALLY be left uncrated without eating the couch! Unless you are vigilant about crating the puppy, he will certainly chew on furniture. If you are looking for a reason to get 5 new dining room chairs, there are better ways to go about it.

    Finish the Newspaper Do you think your kids will really feed him, clean up the messes, take him for a walk in the pouring rain every hour to get him housetrained? With an adult dog, it will only be the kids running amok, because your labby will be sitting calmly next to you, while your workday stress flows away and your blood pressure lowers as you pet him.

    Easier Vet Trips Those puppies need their series of puppy shots and fecals, then their rabies shot, then a trip to be altered, maybe an emergency trip or two if they've chewed something dangerous. Those puppy visits can add up (on top of what you paid for the dog). Your donation to the rescue when adopting an older Lab should get you a dog with all shots current, already altered, heartworm negative and on preventative at the minimum.

    What You See Is What You Get How big will he be? What kind of temperament will he have? How active will he be? You can pick large or small; active or couch potato; goofy or brilliant; sweet or sassy. The rescue and its foster homes can guide you to pick the right match. (Our rescue is full of puppies who became the wrong match as they got older!)

    Instant Companion With an older labby, you automatically have a buddy that can go everywhere and do everything with you NOW. There's no waiting for a puppy to grow up (and then hope he will like to do what you enjoy.) You can come home after a long day's work and spend your time on a relaxing walk, ride or swim with your new best friend (rather than cleaning up after a small puppy.)

    Bond, Labby Bond Dogs adopted as adults bond SOOO much closer to their new families than dogs raised as puppies. They know what life on the streets, life on the end of a chain, or worse is all about, and they revel and blossom in a nurturing, loving environment. Most rescues make exceptionally affectionate and attentive pets and extremely loyal companions.

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