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We now do adoptions
by appointment ONLY
Please calll Trish
at 901-482-9921 today!

Paper Towels!
Dog Food!
Black garbage bags!
Scroll down for complete list!

Have a fundraiser
at school or at your
birthday party!

Ask your parents!
Don't forget to
spay or neuter your dog or cat!
It's healhier for them
& you will not have
unwanted litters!
Sponsor a Pet
If you cannot adopt,
this is the perfect option!
ALL dogs & cats are
available for sponsorship!
Fostering socializes
the dogs and cats
to help them get adopted!

ADOPTION APPOINTMENTS can be made by calling 901-482-9921, as we no longer have regular adoption event. Please feel free to call 901-482-9921 to for more information about a particular pet or to set up a private meet and greet.

FOSTER FAMILIES are urgently needed for our dogs and cats. If you can be a foster, please call 901-482-9921 for more information. Fostering is a good way to help our rescue, and it also helps our dogs and cats become more socialized and become better pets. Volunteers are needed to foster a dog or cat in their home. Many rescue pets are in need of socialization and basic obedience training. Many rescue pets have been abused in the past. The length of fostering varies. Some animals are adopted out more quickly than others, as it often depends on breeds available and health issues of the dog or cat. The more foster families we have, the more animals we can help!

Adoption Information

Fenced yards of at least 6' are required on most adoptions, and we make local adoptions only, as a home visit is required prior to approval of adoption. Vet references and/or personal references are also required before approval of adoption. Email us for a copy of our adoption application. We hold the right to refuse adoptions not meeting our guidelines. If you see a pet on our website, call 901-482-9921 or email SFARR and we can schedule a meet and greet once you have been approved for adoption. Meetings are arranged at local pet stores, parks, or your home, as we do not allow visits in the foster homes. The adoption fee is $95 and includes FOR DOGS: spaying/neutering, heartworm testing and treatment if necessary, routine vaccinations, and micro-chipping, and FOR CATS: spaying/neutering, Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids testing, and routine vaccinations.

SFARR is full at this time. However, if you have found a pet, please call 901-482-9921 or email us at St. Francis Animal Rescue & Refuge as we may still be able to assist you. If you adopted one of our rescues and cannot keep them for any reason, please call or email us, as we always try to take any our rescues back.


All of our pets listed online are available for sponsorship! Please call 901-482-9921 for more information. If you are interested in doing a fundraiser for St. Francis, please call us or email us at St. Francis Animal Rescue & Refuge. We have had several children do fundraisers for us at school and at birthday parties (they ask for presents for our dogs and cats instead of themselves). Anybody can help our rescued animals!

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