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Each summer, we have a large gathering of Scotties attend our annual "Scottie Day in the Park and Rescue Picnic" in the Nashville, TN area. The 2017 Picnic will be held in Lebnon, TN on June 3. Check our web site www.scottierescue.com for information about the next one, as it becomes available.

Who We Are

Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue Network is made up of many loving caring individuals across Tennessee. Our goal is to rescue Scotties from kill shelters, abusive homes, and puppy mills. We also take Scotties in from families that through death, divorce or other circumstances can no long provide for the dog. We then provide safe havens for them until an appropriate permant home can be found. We begin some basic training and also provide behavior modification techniques when necessary. We always try to match the dog with the home. If Scotties are not raised with small children, cats and other dogs, they may not tolerate any of these very well, so if we are unsure of a Scottie's background, we will not place him in a home that already has pets, or has children under 8 years old who are frequently in the home. We place Scotties as house dog ONLY. And the adopter must either have a traditional fenced yard (not invisible fencing) or be committed to walk the dog on lead EVERY time he needs to go out.

Adopting a friend

If you would like to be considered for a resuced Scottie, you must fill out an application. Go to our web site at http://www.scottierescue.com and find the online application. Or you may call or write and we will send you one.
Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue
420 Ash Dr

Baxter, TN 38544
Phone: 931-858-4790

Email: jgmcafee@charter.net
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