Then you know how a Pug who comes to us must feel. Pug Rescue of Memphis is a non profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. Our organization is made up of volunteers dedicated to the Pug Breed. Since the beginning of this organization we have taken in close to 300 Pugs. We take any Pug into our care regardless of age or health conditions. Each Pug has our promise of finding a loving home that can meet its needs in the best ways possible. We are committed to the Pug for its lifetime. We have had many success stories, but not without sad beginnings. We have seen health problems such as eye injuries, malnutrition, heartworms skin problems, a broken jaw and pelvis and badly rotted teeth. May of our Pugs are known as "owner give-ups" where they can no longer care for the Pugs. Some came from puppy mills and breeders when they were no longer productive. Some are from shelters and we don't know the reasons their owners left them there. Incredibly we have taken in stray Pugs found wandering the streets and the owners could not be found. Sometimes people choose the wrong breed of dog and simply expect things of their Pug that the Pug cannot do for them. The arrival of a new baby is a young family can trigger an owner to give up a Pug. Rescue is for anyone who wants to give a Pug a second chance. Some people don't have the time to raise a puppy. A rescue has already been checked by a veterinarian, spayed/neutered and had existing health concerns treated. Many people who are already "owned" by a Pug find that adding a rescue to the family makes a perfect fit. We at Pug Rescue of Memphis strive to give homeless Pugs the life and dignity they deserve.

Fostering & Adoption

In order to ensure a successful adoption, persons wanting to adopt may have to wait for the right Pug. Our goal is to find the best possible match for the Pug and their new family. We want this to be the rescue's last stop on what has sometimes been a long and painful journey. The purpose of Pug adoption is to provide a secure home for the lifetime of the pug. It is not to provide a low-cost pet. Do not expect to submit an application and be able pick up a Pug immediately. We are all volunteers and it may take up to a week after submitting an application to receive a response. Taking care of the rescue pugs, in addition to our own families, takes up the majority of our time. Only occasionally do we have young pups available. The majority of dogs we rescue are between the ages of three and eight years old. When considering adopting a rescue dog, you must be flexible in your expectations. Prior to being placed in a foster home, each and every Pug is thoroughly examined by our veterinarian and is brought into good health. They are spayed/neutered, given their shots, and are tested for heartworms and other intestinal parasites. This is the basic care we provide. Often we find that the rescues need treatment for skin conditions, eye problems, and dental care. We do not have a facility; all of our pugs are fostered in private homes by our wonderful volunteers. They are evaluated for temperament, personality, and any special needs they might have. Training, socialization, and any behavior issues are addressed. Anyone wanting to adopt a Pug must fill out an adoption application (see link below). We do accept out of state applications. It is very important that you provide correct information and answer all questions. The veterinary reference must have up to date and current information on your pet(s). We will follow up to make certain your pet(s) are up to date on their shots and on heartworm preventative. It is also necessary to provide veterinary information on previous pets. A home visit is scheduled after the references are checked. If we do not have a volunteer in your area, we may ask you to help locate another rescue or shelter that is able to do the home check portion of the adoption process for us. If there is a particular rescue you are interested in, we will bring the Pug along for a visit at that time. If you are not in the immediate Memphis area we encourage contact with the foster home to better understand what type of personality the Pug has and what type of environment they would best blend in with. Compatibility with other existing animals in a new home is very important. We want everyone to be happy with the new family member.

There is an adoption donation of $300.00. This goes back into the rescue to help cover veterinary costs and find homes for the rescues. This fee is designed to assist the rescue in recovering the costs associated with the rescue of these Pugs. This cost does not generate profit. Quite often, costs involved for each pug will double the cost of the adoption fee.

An adoption contract is required stating that the Pug is, without fail, to be returned to Pug Rescue at any time when proper care can no longer be provided or the terms of the contract cannot be met