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Our pet of the month introduces himself...Hi! My name is Lucas. I have a sad story to tell so if you need a minute to grab a hanky, I'll be here when you get back... I was dumped out of a car with my best friend at a local business. No one seemed to notice us at first, but then a nice lady came along and scooped us up! She put us in her car and took us to the Doctor. We were ok, but I had the "worms" in my heart. That's all behind me now and my best friend went home a long time ago. She was a lovely brown & tan girl and I hear that black dogs like me don't usually get 'picked'. Not too long after I was rescued, I went out running in the woods, (of course there was a fence!!) but I got into something that made me have a seizure. Now,I have some medicine but I usually don't need it. I'm not as big as you might think & everyone here say's I'm the perfect size. I'm so grateful to have been rescued that I do nothing wrong. I share my space with the other dogs and cats and children are one of my favorite things. I'm extremely loyal and promise to be your best friend forever (and I'll never leave you behind, the way I was...) br>


Thanks to everyone who has checked out the dogs and cats on Petfinder and, Please keep coming back!! If you are in the Chattanooga, Northwest Georgia or Cleveland areas, pick up a copy of Critter Magazine, available at Petsmart, First Tn Banks, Bone Appetit, Pet Care Warehouse and many, many local businesses! Or, you may visit the Critter site @ Also, if you want to help the animals in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas, Please make a donation to The Hand Foundation or to The Humane Animal Rescue Team, (HART) Visit either site on the web, or Donations are tax-deductible! Stay on Petfinder and see miracles happen!!!!


We are always looking for good homes for our pets and have several who aren't listed yet so contact us to see if we have who you are looking for!!!!!! Please remember, it takes a lot of people to make a difference when there's a problem. Dogs and Cats die everyday because we pass them by on the side of the road, or in other dangerous situations. Be part of the solution, pick up a stray today!! There's lots of help and advice regarding rescue and placement available locally from shelters and rescuers! We are always willing to help you by answering your questions! If everybody saved just one.............

Who We Are

robin's rescues began out of neccessity 10 years ago. There are so many neglected and abused animals in our area that we knew we had to establish somewhere for them to be rehabilitated, not only physically, but also mentally. All our dogs are healthy and comfortable with human kindness before being offered for adoption. We do NOT misrepresent our pets. You will be informed of both good and bad(if any) habits. We are a no-kill shelter, and due to this, we sometimes have animals long term until just the right home comes along. We are dedicated to only housing a comfortable number of animals so that everyone recieves much needed attention. We also frequently have animals that require much medical attention and we strive to provide this as opposed to boarding the pet in a hospital where human contact is minimal. We are dedicated to rescued companion animals only.

Adopting a Friend

Adoption is a relatively painless process here at robin's rescues. Adoption fees are based on medical care provided. All dogs are vaccinated against parvo, distemper, influenza and bordatella, wormed and begun on heartworm preventative. All cats are tested for leukemia, vaccinated against it, and distemper, and peritonitis. All pets are neutered when they reach four months old. Older pets are neutered shortly after arrival and vet check. We have a short application in which we REQUIRE a veterinary reference. We also have a pet agreement which requires that the pet be returned to robin's rescues if there are any problems, as opposed to being passed to another owner, or placed in another shelter. Home visits are also required.

Volunteering and Donations

Volunteers are always needed, especially on adoptathon days! We usually visit Petsmart 2-4 times each month, and the more pets we take the more hands we need!!!Donations in the form of food, bedding,crates, leashes, and collars are welcome.

Please consider a rescued companion animal if you are contemplating an addition to your family. ALL our animals have sad beginnings, and, ONLY YOU CAN PROVIDE THE HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!!!!

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