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ADOPT A RESCUED PET! Everyone loves a puppy or a kitten, but it takes a special kind of animal lover to give a home to an individual that has fallen on hard times and needs a second chance. If you can open your loving home to a new family member, please contact the humans at Chester's Place. We are here to find "Forever Homes" for the animals in our care; unless noted, our adoptable cats are FIV/FLV tested negative, altered and vaccinated, including rabies.

CHECK OUT OUR ADOPTABLES LIST: We have several young cats looking for furrever homes. They are tested FIV/FLV negative, spayed or neutered, vaccinated including rabies and socialized in home-like environments--they do not live in cages. If you are looking for a furry companion, Email us at or write on our Facebook page.

OUR ADOPTION PROCESS: We have an adoption application available by email; our process also includes a home visit and interview to assure the best possible adoption outcome for our pets and their new families. When you adopt one of our animals, you bring home a socialized companion. Our adoption fees are $50 for adult cats and $75 for kittens--less than many shelter rates; compare this to a $300-$400 investment in a "free to good home" pet. PLUS! You don't have to worry about the house training of a young animal since our friends are fostered in family home-like settings.

MEET THE POSITIVE PRIDE: SPECIAL NEEDS KITTIES SEEK SPECIAL HOMES. We have a pride of cats tested positive for FIV (feline aids virus) and one tested positive for FLV (feline leukemia). These two diseases are contagious and our Positive Pride has its own building with double fenced yard to isolate them. Other than a positive test, they are happy and healthy (they sometimes get sniffles if it's too cold) and can live regular lives. These diseases are SPECIFIC TO CATS, meaning only cats can spread and contract them. Our Positives are familiar with dogs and kids and live in a homelike environment. Not everyone is in the right spot to help; but if you think you may be interested, please call Lynda at 605-390-8900 for more information. See our special needs pride on our adoptables list--their biggest need is REAL HOMES!!

CONTACT US: or write on our Facebook page. Our mailing address is: Chester's Place, 110 Fairgrounds Place, Hermosa, SD 57744

We regret we are unable to take in any pets due to space availability; we are concentrating our efforts on preventing unwanted feral litters.

If you can offer a second chance for a home to a pet at Chester's Place, please email us at: or write on our Facebook page and leave us a message.

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