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Yankton Pet Rescue is a non-profit organization from Yankton, South Dakota that is dedicated to providing safe and happy homes for small animals that have been rescued in the local area. We work on socializing and ensuring good health in all of our available adoptee. We give all of our rescues any health care needed, leash training, kennel training, and behavioral training before being placed in a home. Our best interests are in the pets and the adopters as we review a request for adoption.

Adopting a friend

The adoption process is a timely and thorough process that is important to ensuring safe and happy homes for our adoptee. To begin the adoption process, an application is provided by the link below. Please fill out honestly and email it back to us at : yanktonpetrescue@gmail.com
We will then review your application. The reviewing process consists of matching the adoptee with a home that we feel would be the best match for each adoptee's specific needs and personality. Secondly, if your application is approved, you will be contacted by email or by phone. We then conduct an interview with you to find out if you are compatable with the needs of the adoptee. Upon approval, we will ask you to fill-out the adoption contract, which is provided by the link below. Feel free to review the adoption contract to gain a better understanding of what we are looking for in an adopter.
Adoption Application
Adoption Contract
Yankton Pet Rescue

Yankton, SD 57078
Email: yanktonpetrescue@gmail.com
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