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2005 Seminar will be Sioux Falls, SD, in April of 2005. SDACA should have a program mailing some time in January 2005, that will out line the classes for that seminar. SDACA members need to remember that if you did not attend the 2004 seminar, your Association membership has expired. You can contact me at for a renewal statement. Also vist our web site at

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SDACA is an association of Animal Control Officers of South Dakota, both those working for City and County goverments, and private Humane Societies. Our goal is provide to those officers the best education and support groups that we can.

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Adopt an animal from your local animal shelter, they need homes to.

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South Dakota Animal Control Association represents 90 percent of the Animal Control Officers of South Dakota. Our officers strive to provide the best care and treatment of both wildlife and companion animals that we can. The association began with the intent to provide education for animal control officers, and operates on dues and monies generated from seminars sponsored by the association. For the address and phone number of your local SDACA member, see our web site at or contact your local law enforcement agency. For information on animals seen on this site, contact the officer listed in the narrative of the animal. Thank you
South Dakota Animal Control Assn.
1855 Ball Park RD
Sturgis, SD 57785
Phone: 605-720-6376
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