The Noah Program


We have a variety of adorable kittens available for adoption. Please come by and visit with these babies!!! They need homes!!

Thanks again to Ocean Lakes. They recently held one of their yearly pet parades where all proceeds benefited The Noah Program. We greatly appreciate everything you do for us!!!

Who We Are

ABOUT US... The Noah Program is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that began at Ark Animal Hospital in 1994. Our mission is to provide medical care and treatment to critically injured stray animals and wildlife of our area. Once treated, domestic animals are then put up for adoption and wildlife are released back into their native habitat.

WE ARE NOT A SHELTER... We currently operate out of Ark Animal Hospital with very limited space. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every pet in need. We must limit our services to those animals who are most critically injured. The Noah Program has no paid employees. We have two volunteers who are employed full-time by the Hospital. Everything they do is on their own time - lunch hour or after work. Please do not be discouraged if it takes a couple of days for you to get a response to your phone message or application. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

NOAHS ARE SPECIAL... Animals that have been treated by The Noah Program are referred to as "Noahs". They need exceptional care and love. Some may be missing a leg or an eye or have a limp. Others may need daily medications, a special diet, or continual treatment. Even so, they deserve a forever home and someone to care for them. If you would like to open your home to one of these special pets, please fill out an adoption application.
All animals are up to date on vaccinations at the time of adoption. Cats are Felv/Fiv negative and dogs have been tested for heartworms and started on prevention. All animals are spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to adoption. Noah Program pets are adopted to INDOOR HOMES ONLY. If you have any questions, please contact us at (843) 238-1414.


Adopting a friend

Please print out the application and mail or fax it to The Noah Program using the contact info at the end. You may also fill out the application and e-mail it to us.Thank you.

***THE NOAH PROGRAM ADOPTION APPLICATION*** (please print clearly)

Home Ph#_____________________
Work Ph #____________________
Cell Phone#__________________
Address __________________________________
City________________ State_____ Zip___________

1. In what type of housing do you reside?­_____ Apt/Condo ____ Townhouse _____One Family
Is there an HOA ?___ Y / N name/phone # _______________________________
Name of complex?
2. Do you ___own or ___rent?
If rent, does landlord permit pets? ___ Yes ___No ____ Not Sure
If rent, please provide landlord's name and phone number._________________________________
3. Do you have a fenced yard? ____Yes ____No
Height of fence_____Ft. (Not Mandatory to have)
4. Household makeup: # of Adults ____ # of Children ____ Ages of Children _______________
5. Does anyone in the household have allergies? ____Yes ____No
6. Which family member will have the major responsibility of caring for the pet? _____________________________________________________________________________
7. How many hours a day will the pet be left alone? ______________________________
8. How close is your nearest neighbor? ________________________________________
9. Do any of your neighbors’ pets come into your yard? ____Yes ___ No
10. a]Will this be your first pet? ____Yes _____No
b]What type of pets did you previously own? ____Dogs ____Cats ____ Other
c]What happened to them? ___________________________________________________
d]What pets do you currently own?
Dogs/Breeds____________________________ ______
Cats _________________________
e] If you currently own an animal(s), is it spayed/neutered? ____Yes ____No
____ Male ___ Female
f] If you currently own a cat(s), is it an _____indoor or an _____ indoor/outdoor cat?
11. Who is your current veterinarian?
Name: ___________________________________________Phone # __________________
What last name & pet name are the veterinarian records under? _______________________
12. Why do you want to adopt a Noah? __________________________________________
13. What gender do you prefer? ____Male ____Female
14. Where will your Noah spend the majority of its time? ____________________________
15. Do you agree to return your Noah to us if you are unable to keep it? _____Yes _____No
16. Are you willing to provide us with follow-up reports? ____Yes ____No
17. When will you be ready to adopt a Noah? _______________________________
18. Do you use chemicals on your lawn (i.e., Lawn Doctor, Chemlawn)? ____Yes ____No
19. How did you hear about the Noah Program ? __________________________________

20. Which Noah are you interested in? ______________________________________________

21. Are you looking for an indoor cat/dog ___________ or an outdoor cat/dog _______________
22. You understand that some of our Noah’s are “Special Needs” animals _____ Yes _____ No


PLEASE RETURN TO: The Noah Program
1011 6th Avenue N. Ext.
Surfside Beach, SC 29575
Phone (843) 238-1414
Fax (843) 238-0476
All applications will be reviewed and a decision will be made based on the information provided.

Come Visit Us!

The Noah Program is located within Ark Animal Hospital, just off HWY 17 business and behind the KFC in Surfside Beach, SC. You can visit us during regular hospital hours of operation: M-Th. 8am-8pm, F 8am-6pm (closed Friday from 12pm-1pm for Hospital meeting), and Sat. 8am-1pm. Some of our cats and kittens can be seen in the lobby area. Please call ahead to visit with our dogs/Cats as the kennel area is not open to the public. Thank you.
The Noah Program
1011 6th Avenue N. Ext.
Surfside Beach, SC 29575
Phone: 843-238-1414

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