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Who We Are

Bunny Haven is a "2nd Chance 4 Easter Bunnies,"

A sanctuary for retired and/or abused bunnies.

We will be sending adoptable rabbits to "For The Love of Rabbits".....Based out of Petco on Washington Rd....Augusta, GA , stop by to meet a new friend.
Bunny Haven is concentrating on being a sanctuary for rabbits that can't be adopted.. (Or have special needs)


Cassa in front, Andy and Casper behind him.

Cassa left March 20, 2002 much too young. He had been taken from his mother weeks before he was old enough and suffered health problems because of it. Many pet stores prefer to set out tiny babies at Easter for the cute factor, they know many will die the first year.....but cute sells.

Bunny Haven was created in his memory.

Wish List

Any size.....
exercise pens
dog kennels
kennel pads
cat beds
2 door carriers
wood pellet litter (equine pine, feline pine, yesterday's news)

If you have a kennel your dog out grew , a two door carrier or a exercise pen you no longer need, please consider donating it to help save a lives.

Our Pet List

Rabbits are neither toys, nor "starter pets," nor low maintenance children's pets. They are complicated animals who can live ten or more years, and who deserve the same treatment that we give to our beloved cats and dogs.

What's New?

Two infants arrived Oct.28, 2011, disabled but full of life.
They remind us how fragile a rabbit can be, and that it's up to the adult human to make sure they are treated right.

Daffodil (Daffy) and Ivy
bed time
These lovely ladies are available for class room visits as ambassadors of the bunny warren.
They are happy to show that being different from others doesn't have to slow you down. =)

2nd Chances

Anastasia arrived in sad shape, taken by the PD in a abuse case. She was a victim of a angry boyfriend.
Sadly it happens too often, a animal is abused to "punish" their human.
But a year later a little bunny named Clover adopted her to be her best friend..
A happy ending for a sad tale.
anna n clover 3
Clover (white) and Anastasia

JD (front), Tucker & Bun Z met here and became friends.
Three guys that show you are never too old (or too young) to start a new life.

Tucker's trio

Tucker survived a snake attack, JD ( for Juvenile Delinquent, he's a stinker) was an abuse victim (another jealous boy friend) and Bun Z, his humans didn't expect him to live 8 yrs. His kid went off to college and the parents didn't want to "watch him die". That was 6 yrs ago, he's been in no hurry to die. He's a sweet heart who loves everyone around him..

Two small lops arrived here under weight and not really feeling well. At one and two lbs they had a lot of catching up to do.
nap time
Their humans moved away, leaving them to starve in a hutch. A neighbor found them just in time and brought them to Bunny Haven.
A year later Ginger and Kaze are 6 and 4 pounds and full of energy. They aren't very happy with humans but they doing well health wise.

Faith arrived here nearly starved to death at half her normal weight and afraid of everyone around her. Today she's a healthy weight and is sure she's in charge of the house.
Faith in a guinea pig size litter pan.

Click to see our Bunny Happy Tails!
Click to see our Doggie Happy Tails!

Adopting a friend

Thank you for your interest. Every bunny here has a story to share, many hope you can give their story a happy ending.
If you'd be interested email me and tell me about your house I will let you know who might be good for your family.

Becoming a Foster

Would you like to be a foster parent? Email me for details. All rabbits must be kept in the house, no bunny deserves to be left out in the yard.

Giving up a bunny.

Several more new faces have arrived here, there really is no room at the inn. I'm sorry but we are at full capacity. If you have a bunny that needs a new home, your best bet is to contact the GA HRS, they may have a foster near you.


Bunny Haven

Belvedere, SC (Augusta, GA's back yard),
Phone number: 803-257-6101
Email: crazybunnylady@comcast.net

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