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Important Facts About This Website!

This site is updated every 24 hours to reflect adoptions and new animals.
Emailing the application is the fastest way to get a response.
Every animal is in a foster home. We do not have a facility.
SC GAP adopts only greyhounds and other dogs.
The minimum adoption fees are as follows:
o Greyhounds - $200
 Includes : Spay/Neuter, Inoculations, Heartworm Test and Preventative, Dental, Collar & Leash, and Muzzle.
o All other breeds - $100
 Includes - Spay/Neuter, Inoculations, Heartworm Test and Preventative,
 Extras ? Collar & Leash - $15/$20, and
Who is SC GAP?

SC GAP (South Carolina Greyhound Adoption Program) is a volunteer, nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to saving animals lives. We are nationally networked and operate from a virtual office in the Grand Strand area of South Carolina. Call SC GAP today and join our exciting program. Together we can make a difference!

Adoption Process!!!

Step 1. Make sure the greyhound or dog is the breed you want.

Step 2. Complete and return the adoption application to SC GAP.

Step 3. Once your application is received, an adoption representative will contact you.

Step 4. Set up an adoption appointment.

Step 5. Meet and love your new greyhound or dog.

Step 6. Ask any and all remaining questions. We are here to help!

Adoption Application
Name__________________________ Home Ph#______________ Work Ph #___________________
Address __________________________City_______________________ State_____ Zip__________
Email ____________________________
1. In what type of housing do you reside ?_____ Apt/Condo ____ Townhouse _____One Family
a. Is there an HOA ___ Y / N name/phone # _____________________________________
b. Name of complex? _______________________________________________________
2. Do you ___own or ___rent. If rent, does landlord permit pets? ___ Yes ___No ____ Not Sure
a. If yes, please attach a copy of a letter from your landlord or a copy of your lease!!
3. Do you have a fenced yard? ____Yes ____No Height of fence_____Ft. (Not Mandatory to have)
4. Household makeup: # of Adults ____ # of Children ____ Ages of Children _________________
5. Does anyone in the household have allergies? ____Yes ____No
6. Which family member will have the major responsibility of caring for the pet? _______________
7. How many hours a day will the pet be left alone? _____________________________________
8. How close is your nearest neighbor? _______________________________________________
9. Do any of your neighbors? pets come into your yard? ____Yes ___ No
10. Will this be your first pet? ____Yes _____No
a. What type of pets did you previously own? ____Dogs ____Cats __________ Names
b. What happened to them? _________________________________________________
c. What pets do you currently own? ______ Dogs/Breeds__________________________ ______ Cats ___________________________ Other
d. If you currently own an animal(s), is it spayed/neutered? ____Yes ____No
e. ____ Male ____Female
f. If you currently own a cat(s), is it a _____indoor or a _____ indoor/outdoor cat?
11. Who is your current/previous veterinarian?
a. Name: ___________________________________________Phone # ______________
b. What last name & pet name are the veterinarian records under? ___________________
12. Why do you want to adopt a dog? _________________________________________________
13. Do you want ______ Greyhound ______ Dog ___________________________________Name
14. What gender do you prefer? ____Male ____Female
15. What personality do you prefer? ____Laid Back ____Playful ____Active ____Very Active
16. Where will your pet spend the majority of its time? ____________________________
17. Are you willing to use a crate to train your pet? ____Yes ____No
18. Do you agree to return your pet to us if you are unable to keep it? ____Yes ____No
19. Can we visit your home? ______Yes ____No
20. Are you willing to provide us with follow-up reports? ____Yes ____No
21. When will you be ready to take a pet? _______ASAP or _______________________________
22. How did you hear about SC Greyhound Adoption Program? ____________________________
Every dog is Spayed/Neutered, Inoculated, Heartworm Tested and on Prevention prior to adoption.
Minimum donation is $200 Greyhounds and $100 other Breeds (Note: Collar, Leash and Muzzle included with Greyhound fee)
Do not include a check with your application
Email to:
Exciting Fostering Program for Greyhounds & Dogs!!!
Becoming a foster family to an ex-racing greyhound or dog is a rewarding experience. As a foster family your role is to provide the proper care, training and personality profiling. You will then help SC GAP match the greyhound or dog with his or her adoptive parents.
You keep the greyhound or dog from 3-14 days and observe the dog to make sure he or she has been properly prepared physically and mentally for the new home. The Foster Program Manager assists you along the way.
Remember the foster parent has the first opportunity to adopt the animal!!!
Just simply fill out the adoption application and tell us you want to foster when you email it in to . If there is a specific dog you would like to foster please include that too.
When the racing ends
When the racing industry is finished exploiting a greyhound, they dispose of the greyhound by euthanasia, abandonment, gunshot, starvation or selling it to medical researchers for use as a test animal. In 2004 the estimated number of greyhounds that were killed was 15,000. Not even the 200+ greyhound adoption groups across the country can handle the huge number of greyhounds still used and disposed of by the racing industry.
The journey begins
SC GAP is dedicated to saving greyhound lives. We place retired greyhounds in loving homes so they are not killed. Also, we educate the public about mistreatment of racing dogs. Because of the large number of tourists who visit our area, we have the opportunity to spread the word to them as well and refer them to a group in their own area. We believe, ?When the race ends, the journey begins!? Together, we can make a difference!
FAQ?s About Greyhounds
What ages are available & how long do they live?
Most ex-racers are between 2 & 5 years of age and have an average life expectancy of 12-15 years of age.
What kind of health problems do greyhounds have?
They also have no known hereditary health problems such as hip dysplasia.
Why does a greyhound need to be kept on a leash?
Greyhounds have a natural instinct to run; therefore, when outside they must either be confined to a fenced yard or supervised on a leash. SC enforces a leash law. They must be supervised when leashed so they don?t get hurt.
Do greyhounds get along with other animals?
Yes, most get along fine with small animals and enjoy the company of other dogs. All of our greyhounds are cat-tested. Be sure to indicate on your application what animals currently reside with you.
How are greyhounds with children?
Greyhounds are gentle and non-aggressive by nature and are fine with children. Children should be taught to not play too rough or abuse them.
Do greyhounds make good watchdogs?
No. Generally greyhounds do not bark very much, and should not be used as watchdogs.
Are greyhounds suited to apartment living?
Is it difficult to housebreak a greyhound?
They are crate trained and are relatively easy to housebreak. We advise not leaving him/her alone for any longer than eight hours.
Are greyhounds hyper and do they require a lot of exercise?
No. They enjoy exercise, but they do not require it. When properly conditioned they make good jogging/walking companions or a great couch potato partner!
Is a fenced yard a requirement of adoption?
If you have young children a fenced yard is necessary. It is a convenience when a child is napping or the weather is bad.
What size are greyhounds?
The average size is as follows:
HEIGHT 22 inches 24 inches
LENGTH 30 inches 34 inches
WEIGHT 60 lbs. 75 lbs.
Send me a greyhound owner?s manual: South Carolina Greyhound Adoption Program(SC GAP)
414D 3rd Ave. South
Surfside Beach, SC 29575
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