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What is Carolina Basset Hound Rescue?

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Carolina Basset Hound Rescue (CBHR) is a volunteer-staffed, non-profit organization rescuing and placing stray, unwanted, neglected, and abandoned basset hounds in permanent homes. Due to limited resources, CBHR only adopts within North and South Carolina. Rescued bassets primarily come from animal shelters in areas canvased by volunteers in various regions of North and South Carolina. Under certain rare circumstances, CBHR accepts owner-relinquished dogs. As with all breeds, overpopulation and owner irresponsibility contribute to an abundance of animals.

People often buy a basset hound on impulse. Basset hounds, as with all pets, require a tremendous amount of commitment (time & financial) and energy. Frequently, the acquisition of a basset hound is not thoroughly thought through. Once new owners realize the commitment a basset requires, they dispose of their new family member rather than honor the commitment they made to him or her.

The CBHR Adoption Program

When interest is expressed in adopting a basset hound, an Adoption Application is mailed or emailed, which the prospective adopter must then complete and return. A telephone interview is conducted, vet references are verified and a home visit is conducted. When a match is made between a dog and a prospective home, the two meet; if the meeting is successful the adoption is finalized after a trial period. This series of events can take up to several weeks to be completed. We ask for your patience during the process. The majority of our volunteers work full-time in addition to 'rescuing.' We strive to make the best possible match for the basset and forever home, not place bassets quickly.

There is a minimum $150-$350 donation for each basset adopted, depending upon the basset's age. This donation helps offset associated rescue costs and is an indicator that the adopting home has financial resources available to care for the new family member.

Interested in adopting a basset hound from CBHR? Please visit our main website to obtain an application or use the form to contact us: www.cbhr.com. CBHR Inc., PO Box 80082, Charleston SC 29416. SC-843-766-8838, NC-919-708-4247

Becoming a Foster Parent

CBHR's need for foster homes is ongoing. Foster parents are very important in the transition of a neglected, sometimes scared dog into a trusting, fun-loving house pet. Fostering a basset requires patience, understanding, and willingness to discipline. If you are interested in being a foster parent (which in some cases can be a long term commitment) please visit our main site and use the form on the Contact Us page: www.cbhr.com. CBHR does not have a brick-and-mortar location, even though our PO Boxe is listed as Charleston SC. ALL our dogs live in fosterhomes throughout North and South Carolina.

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