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We are a privately owned and operated rescue group and can only keep our doors open through generous donations by friends of our cockers. We rescue pure bred cocker spaniels from animal shelters or otherwise dangerous situations and fully vet them and place them in only the very best and loving homes. Please know that we have rescued and adopted over 3000 homeless cocker spaniels, we have done this by being totally honest with our adopters, if we say a dog is a biter then he may bite you, if we say a dog is perfect then in our eyes she is perfect. We have less than a 1% return rate on our cockers because we know them and love each of them and are honest about their faults and behaviors. Please do not call us after 6pm in the evening, we love to talk about our wonderful dogs but there are limits and we ask you observe those. IF YOU WISH TO ADOPT YOU MUST FILL OUT AN APPLICATION VIA WWW.CAROLINACOCKERS.COM WE WILL NOT CONSIDER INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS.

Our Dogs

Our cockers are placed in homes approved by our adoption director. If you are interested in adopting a beautiful American Cocker Spaniel, please visit our website and full out an application. We try to keep Petfinder as up-to-date as possible, but we tend to get new dogs weekly from shelters. If you do not see the perfect dog, call us, we might have just gotten your canine soulmate.

All of our American Cocker Spaniels are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, temperament tested, given all of their shots, and are treated for heartworms if needed. Some cockers have also had other needed surgeries or treatments.


ADOPTION DONATIONS ARE: $250 for cockers under the age of 5, $150 for cockers over the age of 5 and our Seniors are donation free to homes that are approved with our regular approval process. Mixed breeds/designer dogs donation is $175. You may purchase your dogs Tri-heart heartworm preventative at our cost of $40 for six months. We will also sell you your dogs crate at our cost of $40. Please understand that we are only trying to re-coup the money already spent on your dog. Most of our dogs cost us between $300-400 just to get cleaned up, rehabilitated, and fully vetted, and ready to be adopted to a new home. Some of our dogs cost us much more. The adoption donations and other donations are what keep our rescue running. Your adoption donation ensures that another life can be saved.

If you would like to adopt, please view our available dogs here at Petfinder. An online application is available on our website, http://www.carolinacockers.com. Please fill out an application. We cannot allow visits with our dogs without an application in place.

Adoptions are by appointment only. No adoptions will occur without an approved application on file. Please do not visit without an appointment.

We adore our Cocker Spaniels and every dog has had a lot of love and time invested into it's health and well-being. We must ensure their safety and yours. Adopting a pet is like adopting a child and must be taken seriously. Adopting a puppy is a 15-20 year commitment.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue Worldwide is one of very few rescues who house known biters. We have rehabilitated several biters and their success speaks louder than any words. But this does not mean that all aggressive dogs can be rehabilitated.

By coming to the property of Cocker Spaniel Rescue Worldwide, you are acknowledging that you are aware that we house biters. You are responsible for keeping your children from sticking their hands through our fencing or petting any unknown dogs. Do not attempt to handle any unknown dogs without approval.

Out-Of-State Adoptions

We will adopt to families outside of South Carolina, we have even placed cockers in Canada and Israel!!!

Families with Children

We will adopt to families with children under the age of 8. Many rescues will not. Please review all of our dogs and make sure that dog is not listed as "no children" if you have children in your home. This also applies to any visiting children, including nieces or nephews who might visit , children who only live with you part-time, and various similar situations.

Owner Surrenders

Owners wanting to surrender their American Cocker Spaniel must donate $250. That is solid policy. If you no longer want your dog and you want to be sure it will not be euthanized in a shelter, that is a small price to pay. We require this donation to keep our rescue running. Even if your dog is fully vetted, your dog is taking up a space that could have saved the life of a dog in a shelter. That donation saves the life of the shelter dog, so that we can rescue it too.

Contact Information

Kerry Bryce, Adoptions, Transports & Fundraising, bryce@sc.rr.com

Carolina Cockers thanks you for taking the time to view our rescued cockers. Each and every one of them is wonderful in his/her own way. They all need wonderful and loving forever homes!

Carolina Cockers Rescue
Phone: 803 807 1829

Phone calls will only be accepted from 9am to 5pm EST, absolutely NO phone calls on Sunday. Visitations with the cockers are weekdays by appointment only and on weekends from 9am to 5pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Reach us at bryce@sc.rr.com or www.carolinacockers.com or 803 807 1829 All applications must be filled out completely, if you do not put in information required your application will not be considered.

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