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Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission (WARM) is a registered SC charity whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate wild and domestic animals. WARM is a No-Kill refuge located in Conway and home to over 100 animals at any given time. The organization provides valuable service to the community through animal rescue, education and adoption of its rescued animals into permanent, loving homes. Since 1994 our ongoing goals have consisted of the following: -- To provide facilities for the rehabilitation of wildlife & domestic animals. -- Educate adults & children in the importance of preservation of land & animals. -- To operate as a self sufficient facility with a caring staff. -- Make pet therapy available for the physically & mentally challenged of all ages. -- To advocate spaying & neutering. -- Locate loving homes for domestic animals. WARM is committed to returning wild animals to suitable habitats and domestic animals to new homes following rehabilitation. For those animals that release or adoption proves impossible, our Conway refuge becomes a permanent home where the animal joins our education "staff". WARM is organized by a board of directors and volunteers who donate their time toward helping the organization and the limited staff members. Julie Finlayson, the founder and executive director is a well known local naturalist with over 35 years experience in wildlife rehabilitation. Her education includes certificate in wildlife rehabilitation, Master in Science & Education, and a degree in Biology. She shares her knowledge with others through teaching and seminars.

Adopting a friend

When we tell you that our animals choose their new families, we really do mean that they make the choice. We never allow an animal to go to a new home the first time a prospective adopter comes along. We encourage a home visit whenever there is another animal in the home and we like people to come to visit often so that they and the pet can get acquainted. If the animal isn't excited to see the person on the second visit the animals stays.

Come Visit Us!

WARM lost its adoption center in Inlet Square Mall in December of 2007 due to new mall ownership and renovations. If you would like to adopt one of WARM's rescued animals, please call Julie at 347-6583 for an appointment to visit with the animal. Be sure to check out our website: www.warmfarms.org for more information.

WARM - Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission
PO Box 1764

Conway, SC 29528
Phone: 843-347-6583

Email: warm@sccoast.net

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