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When a potential adopter expresses interest, SPAR will ask for a completed adoption application.  Once received, we check veterinary references.  We will then set up a meet and greet with you.  We encourage members of your household (including other dogs) to join.  If the meeting goes well, and you want to proceed with adoption, SPAR will conduct a home visit.  You'll complete an Adoption Agreement, pay the adoption fee, and begin your lives together!


Who We Are

Southern Paws Animal Rescue (SPAR) is a small, non-profit rescue organization committed to saving dogs of any breed from neglect, abuse, abandonment and dangerous or unhealthy living environments.  Our goal is to restore each animal to health so that they are ready for a loving, lifetime home.  We work with veterinarians to vaccinate, spay/neuter, heartworm test, and provide any necessary medical treatment for each dog. SPAR collects donations through various means - public events, individual donations, and adoption donations or "fees" to assist in the care of our dogs.  We want to ensure a good match between dog and potential adopter to deter a repeat  shelter situation for our rescues, so we are careful in our adoption process.  

Come Visit Us

We invite and encourage you to visit any of our adoptable dogs at any time.  Please contact us at southernpawsanimalrescuesc@gmail.com and we will be happy to set up a meet and greet with you!

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