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We currently have several locations throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

We are currently expanding our life saving management team, and anyone interested in joining us, to help save lives, please don't hesitate to contact us.




Adopting A Friend

Our adoption fees vary according to medical necessity, and start at $100. Additional donations are always greatly appreciated to cover the monthly costs of our animals' food, shelter, transport, and specialized veterinary care.

Unless kittens and puppies are too young to be sterilized, all of our pets available for adoption are vetted and ready to join your family.

Out of state adoptions are greatly welcome and we are diligently working to establish a state to state network to enable that to happen efficiently and effectively. 

Until our adoption application is posted up our webpage, everyone who contacts us by email or via facebook and expresses an interest  in one of the dogs or cats in our care, will be sent our paperwork and application form promptly.

ALL applications received will be considered, so that the BEST home can be chosen for each animal.

We do NOT EVER request or require an application fee. Adoption charges are set for each animal and are posted with their biographies. All adoption fees and donations are tax deductible as this organization is a 501c3 public charity.  

Once the application has been submitted, we will proceed with reference and background checks, leading up to a phone interview. A home inspection will be then arranged, with a written report submitted to us, by the person to do so.  

At this point, the candidates interested in adopting will be invited to come do a meet and greet, whether local or out of state.  If there is in fact a love connection made with the adoption approved,  we will be happy to assist with the scheduling of transport, either through our organization, or via a commercial paid transporter, for an additional charge.  If organized in advance for out of state adoptions, we would not discount  the possibility of the approved adopter, heading home, with their new furry family member accompanying their new family.

It is a great pleasure for us to help make love connections happen between humans and furry friends. Thank you for visiting our Pet Finder's page and for allowing us the opportunity and privilege of helping you find your next family member.


Who We Are

The Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition is a 501c3 No-Kill non-profit charity, dedicated to providing community support and assistance to individuals, organizations, and other rescues,to help save lives and reduce the number of companion animals being surrendered to, and euthanized by shelter facilities.

We follow a food as medicine protocol for the pets in our care, meaning a grain free diet. We require that the regimen we have established to optimize and maximize the quality of life for our pets, be continued when the animals move onto their new forever home, to join their nutrition saavy and well pet educated family !

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Nothing makes us and our furry friends happier than entertaining visitors, more hands to give belly rubs !


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