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CHAR is very proud to be functioning for almost a year now. We have saved nearly 100 dogs and counting!

Adopting A Friend

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our wonderful Australian Shepherds.

If you have already completed an adoption application, we will be contacting you shortly.

We understand the excitement of adopting a new family member, however please keep in mind that this is a rescue comprised of volunteers. Most of us have full time jobs and families, so please be patient through the adoption process.

If you are looking for more information on one of our available dogs, please visit our website and locate the dog in our available section. Each dog has a biography and photos, detailing personality and any special needs or requirements.

Our adoption process does not operate under the “first come, first served” doctrine. We seek to choose the most compatible families for our Aussies. 

Oftentimes we receive many applications on the same dog, and must sort through them and choose the best home for the dog. Our number one priority is quality, not quantity. 

Adopting a new family member is serious business. It is extremely important to choose a dog for their personality and exercise requirements, not for their color. All Aussies are beautiful, and we understand that certain colors may be more attractive to you than others, but the color does not make the dog. If you are narrowing your choices based on color, then you are adopting for the wrong reason. We reserve the right to deny any applicant we feel is choosing based on aesthetics as opposed to temperament and personality.

In rescue, it is rare to have purebred puppies. Often, we get the Aussies that people leave behind when their lifestyles change. None of our dogs are “perfect”, but they are good dogs, and they will provide you with endless love and companionship as long as they are in this world. Many Aussies, if cared for properly, can live to be 12 years old and older, so please do not think that a seven or eight year old dog is “too old”. These dogs deserve a home just as much as the younger Aussies, and often have less issues to solve as they have already experienced a lot and are quite a bit more settled. 

The first and most important part of this process is the application. Before we begin considering your family for adoption, we must have your complete application on file. You can find the application here: http://carolinaheartsrescue.org/adopt/adoption-application/

Once we have your application on file, we will contact you about the next steps. We require a vet reference and two personal references, as well as a home visit. Why?

- A vet reference shows us that your current pets are up to date on routine vaccinations, heartworm and flea preventatives, and well taken care of in general

- Personal references give us an idea of how you interact with your animals, and what kind of life your new dog will be living

- The purpose of the home visit is to verify what you put in your application. Also, it gives us a chance to sit down and chat in person. Our volunteers often bring a personal dog along to see how your current pets, children, etc. interact with dogs.

Please make sure that you let your references know to expect our call. Most veterinarians require owner permission to release records.

Again, we are thrilled that you are interested in adopting one of our Aussies. We’re looking forward to receiving your application, and finding the perfect Aussie for your family!

Please view our adoption procedures here: http://carolinaheartsrescue.org/adopt/adoption-procedures/

We request that you review our adoption procedures before contacting us with questions. Adoption fees, vetting information, etc. is found in our procedures. 


Who We Are


Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue is a volunteer based organization whose purpose is rescue and place herding dogs into forever homes.  While that sounds rather easy, it is not.  Herding dogs do not do well in shelters and typically shut down.  Their instincts and high intelligence lead them to become fearful and over stimulated in shelter environments.  This often makes them seem un-adoptable to shelter staff and these healthy, well-behaved animals are often euthanized without ever having a chance to be on the adoption floor.

Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue is currently finalizing their nonprofit status and will have a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status by mid 2013.  We are funded solely by donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees.  Our team of volunteers works throughout the Carolinas to find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in our region.

Most of our dogs have are obtained from animal shelters in North Carolina, South Carolina and surrounding states however we do receive owner surrenders as well.  We have a build wonderful relationships with many Shelters throughout the area and are alerted almost immediately when an aussie or other herding breed is dropped off to them.


Come Visit Us

Take a look at our website! www.carolinaheartsrescue.org

Our rescue does not have a physical location - we operate out of foster homes. Therefore, we do not allow potential adopters to meet dogs until their applications are approved, unless there is an adoption event. 

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