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All animal adoption fees are currently free of charge. Adopters must sign a perpetual care agreement that states they will provide proper food, water, shelter and veterinary care for their pets. Adopters will be required, per South Carolina law, to have their adopted pet spayed or neutered within thirty (30) days following adoption, or by the age of six months (6 months) for pets whom are not yet of age for sterilization surgery. All pets classified as Pit Bull Terriers or Pit Bull mixes may be subject to a preliminary home check to verify proper living arrangements. The City of Abbeville strongly encourages responsible pet adoptions. Please prepare your home for a new pet and research the breed of animal you are interested in prior to making a decision to adopt. We are happy to provide potential adopters with as much information as we can to assist. We encourage each adopter to take their pet to a licensed Veterinarian of their preference for an examination as soon as possible following the adoption.

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The City of Abbeville Animal Control Services is a division of the Public Works Department and is responsible for managing the City's Animal Shelter and responding to calls related to animal well being, animal cruelty, animals running at large and nuisances.  The City promotes pet ownership responsibility to help reduce the large volume of domesticated animals that are neglected or released by owners contributing to the overwhelming problem of strays running at large. 

Animal Control Services promotes adoption of animals received at the shelter, please contact the City's Public Works department if you are interested in Adoption or have any questions regarding Animal Control Services at (864) 394-1122.

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The City Animal Shelter is located on Brookside Drive in Abbeville, SC. The facility is maintained on private property and can be visited by appointment. Please contact Officer Chris Wilson at 864-394-1122 for more information.

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