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We are a home based, volunteer-oriented non-profit animal rescue.
Having a lovely old southern plantation property where previously homeless, neglected, abused and bait dogs; kitties and all other animal friends can find a safe haven to run, play, be fed and cuddled with lots of love and warmth until adopted - we want to make it a true sanctuary and shelter and are renovating the old historic barns in to shelter and fenced, free-range spaces. This will allow us to safely and comfortable house - and thus more importantly RESCUE AND SAVE - more dogs in need.

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Who We Are

We are a small rescue in an area where unfortunately dog fighting does exist. Were hunting is a part of life. what that means is that there are a lot of pit bull puppies, unwed mothers - both pregnant and recently given birth , bred and sometimes then dumped ,bait dogs and just hungry helpless homeless dogs.
After hunting season the local county shelters are filled with "hunting dogs" and there are a lot of packs of stray dogs and too many sad  bodies litter the road sides. We want to help. Whether its to rescue, educate or spay/neuter.
Angel Dog Acres will help a dog of any age- birth to senior! Our goal is only to find loving homes for as many animals as we can help. Sometimes we have 15 animals and sometimes only 1. We can't save the world, but we can make it a better place, one saved animal at a time.

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We are in rural eastern South Carolina but for the safety of our rescue guests we currently keep are location undisclosed except for potential adopters and volunteers. Please visit us on Facebook or our website. Contact us if you have ANY questions, would like to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate!

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