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Who We Are

Home Away From Home Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue kennel for dogs. Home Away From Home helps the animals that are forgotten about. We rescue animals from the streets of Florence County, Darlington County, Dillon County, Marion County and rescue from kill shelters. We keep these animals until they find a permanent home.
Every day, we receive calls from people wanting to surrender their animals, but at times, we just do not have the room due to the fact that they are here until adopted or they have lived out their natural lives. I will not put down animals just to make room for animals that people want to dump. If you have been refused, please make an effort to find a home by running an ad, making flyers to put in the vet offices and pet supply stores. When you add an animal to your family, it is a life-time comittment that should not be taken lightly, and is your moral obligation to take responsibility of it and not just dump it somewhere--the animals taken into our famililies look to us for safety as well as the other basics of life.
It is not the animals' fault that they are homeless, it is the owners'.
Please help us make room in our kennel for another homeless pet by adopting from us. We know we can't save them all... but we can save some of them. With your help we can save even more.
All of our animals over six months old are spayed/ neutered. Any animal in our care is up to date with routine shots.

A Dog's Thoughts

You got me when I was a puppy and made me an important part of your life. You told me that you would never let me go that I meant everything to you. We seemed to share everything together. We shared the good times and the bad together. When you were sick I never left our side. I was so worried about you. You let me sleep at your feet. When I started growing up and wasn't so cute and fuzzy you seemed to start loosing interest little by little. Then one day you put me out the back door and I only saw you when you remembered to feed me. Sometimes I had to drink water from the dripping spicket because you forgot to fill my water bowl up and it was so hot outside. Then one day a man in a truck with cages on the back came over and you showed him where I was. I heard you say "he is all yours". I was put on the back of the truck in a cage with other dogs. I don't understand what is going on. I thought you loved me. It is a long ride before the truck stops. When it did there was a lot of barking going on. They are talking about what has just taken place. Then I hear the dogs screaming please don't kill me my owner will come and get me. He loves me. Please give me some more time..he will come and get me. Then I heard them crying in pain. They could not breath...and then there was silence. The fear of who was next. Would it be me? But I just got here!! Then I heard the man say "That is all for this week." I guess I have a few days. How did I end up here? What did I do wrong? I did everything you ever asked of me and more. I always thought that we would be together forever but here I am at the county pound in a run with allot of other dogs. I am so scared. Does anyone care what is happening to me? I have so much love to give..please give me a chance to show you. I will do as you ask me to do. Please just give me a chance. Don't let me die in a gas chamber filled with other dogs and puppies. God please help me. Don't let me die like this. I always thought I would be by my masters side when I took my last breath. Does he know where he sent me to die? What did I do wrong? Why did you stop loving me?

Adopting a friend

The adoption of a new animal companion is a 10-20 year commitment. We do home visits prior to adoption to ensure that the animal is a good match for their new family. Contact Kathy at hafhrescue@aol.com for more information about adopting any of these wonderful animals.

Come Visit Us!

We are located in Florence, SC.
Please contact Kathy at We show animals by appointment only. hafhrescue@aol.com or call 843-665-1615 to schedule an appointment for a visit.
You may visit our other webpage at Home Away From Home Rescue
2405 Lakeview Drive
Florence, SC 29505
Phone: 843-665-1615

Email: hafhrescue@aol.com
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