Rural Roads Animal Rescue

Rural Roads Animal Rescue


Our Adoptable Pet List

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Who We Are
We are are a small rescue of a few volunteers.

Our Mission
1) Rescue strays and abanonded pets from the rural roads in our town and neighboring counties to find them good homes with new families.
2) Educate local citizens about proper pet care.
3) Spay and neuter pets of local citizens (who cannot otherwise afford it) to prevent unwanted litters that only add to the overpopulation of dogs and cats in this rural part of South Carolina.
4) Provide quality of life for senior pets who will live the rest of their years with our rescue.
5) When we have the funds and the space, pull pets from local animal shelters to avoid euthanasia.

Be assured that all donations go directly to provide food, routine care, and medical care for the dogs in our rescue.

Adopting a friend
To adopt a pet, email us to introduce yourself and request an application.

Our Location
We do not have a physical shelter. Our dogs are cared for in foster homes. If you'd like to meet a pet, please email us and introduce yourself so that we can make arrangements.
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