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WE HAVE OUR 501(c)3!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!
WE NEED DONATIONS!! Mostly harnesses & collars (specifically the kinda that dogs cannot back out of - like a nylon quick slip choker NO chains), harnesses, PET FOOD, crates, FOSTER HOMES, GIFT CARDS for Home Depot, Walmart, etc. See our site for more on our wish list page please! TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS!!!!
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HSLSC would LOVE our own facility but cannot afford that yet so if we can help by doubling the size of the LAC we can help more pets until we can afford our own facility.  For now we use foster homes to save all we can from LAC.  SEEKING CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP  It will go through HSLSC so it's all tax deductible!!

We ONLY pull from LAC. 

Oh how we wish for homes for the foster pets that are still caught in the middle, it would be a start!!
We have our reduced cost spay/neuter! See our site for more details! .
It would be SO incredible if the COUNTY COUNCIL would step up to assist the homeless pets here!! The animal control isn't enough. County Council needs to wake up & step up! Need to vaccinate, test for heartworm & FIV/Leuk, DO the spay/neuters, work with a vet to come & do rabies vaccination at the shelter as well as setting up spay/neuters when pets are adopted or before they go to their new homes from the LAC if space is available. Microchipping & licensing would help greatly, also!
Did you know that another local shelter director is willing to help Lancaster become somewhere that people WANT to adopt from, willing to spend the time educating Lancaster how to help the pets here, but WE need the PEOPLE of Lancaster to step up & demand that the County Council do this, they are closing the door, maybe this isn't important enough for them. Help us tell them it IS important! These pets are important! Join us!! In numbers we can speak louder!! NO membership fee...if you can donate something ,that's great if not, then just become a member & help us help them!!!!
Please email the Council members, voice your opinion at a meeting, write them, please! Wouldn't you like to see less animals running loose in Lancaster? We want to see less killed because of the overpopulation & lack of concern. You don't have to even like animals to want to see less running loose right?? So please go to the county site:
Email the members, call the members, write the members, tell them you want them to step up. The HSLSC is willing to do whatever we can to help, but we cannot do it alone. We have offered this to the County Council also.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Thank you for the support!

Who We Are

The Humane Society of Lancaster, SC (HSLSC) is just caring individual volunteers that can't sit by and let the poor lost souls be forgotten. We want to wake up & shake up Lancaster County, SC to start really caring about the pets here. We want owners to be held accountable for the abused, forgotten, & neglected pets here! We assist our local shelter (LAC) as much as we can! We assist rescues when they want to pull from Lancaster County Animal Control. We also provide some transportation for those that are a distance away, or first leg of a transport. We do all we can to save as many as we can!
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The Humane Society of Lancaster, SC (HSLSC) is a SC State registered NONPROFIT and a Federal 501c3 NONPROFIT Organization!!

Adopting a friend

Our normal adoption process consists of an adoption application with vet reference (personal reference if you do not have a vet), approx $75 - $300+ (normal is $150) adoption fee for canines & $75 - $150 (normal is $100) adoption fee for felines, WHICH INCLUDES: up to date vaccines & wormings, also included when already done or using our s/n clinic are: the spay/neuter & microchip & testing (heartworm for dogs, FIV/Felv for cats) & rabies included at time of spay/neuter! If you choose to use your own vet for spay/neuter (required by law!) then $40 will be reimbursed to you after required spay/neuter is complete & proof submitted to us. (**Some fees and refunds may vary depending on circumstances of pet, this will be determined and will be written on the adoption contract.)  ALSO INCLUDED: 30 days of free pet insurance, free dvd from Ceasar Millan, & a free bottle of Kids & Pets Odor Remover. There is an adoption contract that must be completed also and there may be a home visit or drive by to check the home as well as a vet reference check. We do have a pre-adoption form which requires payment & contract signed up front to reserve a pet then after reference checks are done (we ask 3 days to do this) you can pick up your new family member! This is for placing a deposit on a pet if not yet available or if we cannot do an immediate reference check.
PLEASE fill out an application FIRST for ref check, once approved when you meet the pets we have you are all ready to go :)!!

Come Visit Us!

PO Box 1825. Lancaster, SC 29721

We only have foster homes at this time :(

We hope to some day have our OWN facility to help many many more Lancaster County pets!!  Seeking corporate sponsorship & grant writers for help with that!!!!!  Email if you can help PLEASE!! 

Humane Society of Lancaster, SC
PO Box 1825

Lancaster, SC 29721
Phone: 803-285-LOVE (5683)

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