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BUSTER BROWN I have reached the grand old age of 4 months and having been through the surgical repair of a fractured leg I am now ready for adoption. I love to play and by accounts from my caregivers I am sweet, funny and intelligent. I have learnt to sit and go into a down for treats and food ! I walk a half a mile a day and really enjoy walking. CHECK ME OUT ! PS Buster will need to be neutered at 6 months but we would love to hear from anyone interested in adopting this adorable little guy.

CHARLES Charles is a gorgeous dignified fellow. He is very loving and enjoys the occasional walk on his harness ! He loves to play with fuzzy toys and purrs as his blue-grey coat is being brushed until it gleams. He did have an unstable blood sugar when he first came to us but that is very simply controlled with diet. Charlie Boy would make a fabulous addition to any home.

If you would like to adopt Buster Brown or Charles or help with their care: Please make checks payable to: Howlmore Animal Sanctuary PO Box 61128 Columbia, South Carolina 29260


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Who We Are

Howlmore Animal Sanctuary has been formed to provide for the rescue, rehabilitation, housing, and lifelong care of abused, abandoned, neglected, or otherwise unwanted dogs and cats. This program will include provision of long-term housing in suitable buildings and outside living space for these animals, necessary and appropriate veterinary care on an emergency and health maintenance basis, socialization opportunities with humans as well as other animals, and an ongoing educational effort to provide the community information regarding adequate care, housing and treatment of pets and other animals. When appropriate, the animals cared for at the sanctuary will be made available for adoption into individual homes. In the absence of such a home, the animals at the sanctuary will be maintained throughout their lifespan. Howlmore Animal Sanctuary, founded in 2008 by Hayden Howell and Linda Moore, works with you and other rescue groups throughout the Midlands to provide a safe haven for animals in need. Together we can provide a home for many of the Midlands animals who otherwise would have no where else to go.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer program is the cornerstone of all our work. Howlmore volunteers are our most valuable asset. Without volunteers, the cost of our work would increase exponentially. What can be more rewarding then interacting with animals and receiving their unconditional love? Your contribution of time and talent can help save precious lives! We need you! We have many volunteer opportunities to suit many different lifestyles, skills and interests!

Adopting a friend

Contact us to arrange to visit one of our special animals. Adoption applications are available through our website or by contacting us via email or phone. Due to the special needs of many of our animals home visits are required prior to the completion of each adoption.

Contact us to adopt one of our special animals!

call 803-609-3888 or visit our website
Howlmore Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 61128
Columbia, SC 29260

Phone: 803-609-3888

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