Second Chance K-9 Rescue of the Pee Dee Florence, SC
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Second Chance K-9 Rescue is located in the Pee Dee Region of central South Carolina. We are a network of foster homes whose goal is to produce well-adjusted, socialized canine family members for our adopters. We mainly rescue dogs & puppies off of the streets in central South Carolina, rehabilitate them by intergrating them into families, and find forever homes for them.

All of our animals over 6 months of age are provided with complete veterinary care including sterilization surgery. Those under 6 months are also provided with complete veterinary care and may or may not be spayed or neutered, yet. It is South Carolina state law that all canines (and felines) be rendered incapable of reproduction within 30 days of sexual maturity ( 6 months of age) when they are adopted from shelters or rescues.

Heartworm Disease is very prevalent in the Southeastern United States. All of our intake will be tested for the presence of heartworms, if age appropriate. Those testing positive will be appropriately treated as per veterinary recommendations. This treatment is costly and the cost will be passed on to the adoptive family.

Additionally, we never ship or transport our animals because of negative outcomes, so you must be willing and able to travel to South Carolina to adopt from us.

Our adoption fees are:
$125 & up over 6 month of age;
$200 & up heartworm positive dogs including treatment;
$ 65 under 6 months of age.

Second Chance K-9 Rescue
4527 W. Belmont Circle
Florence, SC 29501

Phone: 843-665-5934

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