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An Adopter Must:

-Be 21 years of age or older
-Agree never to tether or tie out adopted animal
-Agree never to make adopted animal live his/her life in a pen
-Provide adequate veterinary care
-Agree to give adopted animal a home forever, knowing that the average life span of a companion animal is 12 years
-Agree to spay/neuter adopted animal before he/she procreates, if they are not spayed/neutered at adoption due to age, knowing that each year in the United States alone each year between 3 & 4 million companion animals are euthanized (killed) due to overpopulation and lack of homes
-Agree that if, for any reason adopter can no longer give the adopted animal the proper care and home, the adopter will give the adopted animal back to the Healing Species knowing that we will provide proper care until a home can be found

Adoption Process

The potential adopter should contact the Healing Species via phone/email. In this conversation you will discuss the animal of interest in further detail and your current situation (i.e. your location, home, yard, other pets and their temperaments, children). From there, if both parties wish to proceed, a date, time and location will be set for the potential adopter and any family members (children, spouses) who can attend to meet a Healing Species representative and the animal of interest. From there, if both parties wish to proceed, the adopter will complete a legally binding contract. Upon completion of the contract and a minimum donation of $100.00 to cover a portion of the cost of veterinary care, the adopter is free to take the animal of interest to his/her forever home and love and care for him/her.

Disclaimer: Healing Species does its best job possible to match the perfect dog to the perfect family or home. We always make best efforts to explain any problems or past experiences a former Guardian may have had. Healing Species never intentionally withholds any information regarding an animal companion. However, once adopted, Healing Species is no longer responsible or liable in any way for any occurances regarding the animal. Healing Species will take the animal back, and insists that the the Adopter contact Healing Species should the adoption not work out. The Adopter is not free to pass the animal along without our involvement and screening process. This is a binding agreement upon taking the dog.

A Note About Donations

A minimum donation of $100.00 is required for adoption, but please understand that some rescues cost us upwards of $2,000.00 depending on illness, surgery, or long term boarding. All donations are fully tax deductible, as we are not charging a fee, but asking for a gift. We genuinely ask that each person give a donation commensurate to their ability, the same way that Healing Species has done. Stepping out in faith, we fully believe that your gift will not only enable Healing Species to carry on its much need rescue work, but will be blessed and returned back to you seven fold.

Who We Are

The Healing Species is an 11-week, "Standardized-Testing aligned" violence intervention/character education program approved by the State Department of Education, used in scores of schools across SC and now existing with satellite chapters in Seattle Washington, Greenwich Connecticut, Northern California, St. Louis, Missouri, New Zealand, Houston, Texas, and Miami Florida, with expanding developments in numerous other states.

Mission: The mission of the Healing Species is to intercept crime and violence by reaching children with our innovative, successful, and unique 11-week violence intervention curriculum. Rescued dogs - dogs nobody else wanted - assist us in teaching children: life-lessons in respect for the feelings of others, gaining power and authority from principles and acts of mercy and compassion instead of from bullying or "violence for violence," age-appropriate awareness on abuse and how to get help and that what happens to us does not have to define us. methods for conflict resolution, self-esteem from developing responsibility, and how to take the initiative to create a more compassionate planet.

"Empathy is the most revolutionary emotion." ~ Gloria Steinem ~

The Unique Twist:
Those who really bring the Healing Species lessons to life are the rescued dogs who act as "helpers and teachers" in every lesson.
Each class begins with the dog's story of abuse and neglect, a situation to which the children can often relate.
Through the dog's story, the children find a happy ending, hope, and courage for their own stories.
The dog is a living example of overcoming one's past, and returning nonviolent responses.
Lastly, the dogs provide an incredibly strong "visual aid" to the Healing Species lessons, thus making it possible for even struggling students to remember lessons almost verbatim.
What better way to reach "shut-down" children than through the wagging tail and unconditional love of dogs nobody else wanted? The children learn first hand that even the most vulnerable and most wounded among us is important and does have something important to give.

A formal, outside, normalized, and validated evaluation was conducted by a researcher from the University of South Carolina College of Social Work. The study found that amoung students who went through Healing Species - when no other intervention program was - or had been implemented :
Out-of-school suspensions for violent behaver went down 55% General aggression, retaliation aggression, and total aggression combined decreased by 62% Choice making using empathy increased by 42% Teachers rated students' display of violence to decrease by 66% and PACT (standardized testing) scores increased.

Healing Species is not (exactly) an animal rescue facility. However, many times our students' and instuctors' compassionate hearts come across animals in danger or need and we cannot turn away. Therefore, the Healing Species comes to the aid of many animals throughout the year.

Adopting a friend

Cold Weather Tips
Your pet needs lots of fresh, clean, cool (not frozen) water every day.
Make sure your pet has a warm place to sleep, out of drafts.
Remove ice or snow from between your pet's toes after a winter walk. Pet sweaters are good.
Thump the hood of your car before starting the engine to scare out any sleeping kitties.
Make sure your pet doesn't have access to antifreeze. It's poison.

Warm Weather Tips
Make sure your pet has lots of fresh, clean, cool water every day.
Your pet should have access to a shade.
Never leave your pet in a parked car.
Animals can suffer heat stoke and dehydration, just like humans, so keep them cool and hydrated.

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The Healing Species
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