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It's not a hobby.  It's not a passing fad.

We live it...breath it...love it 24/7.

Our purpose for living is to change the lives of the rescued animal...one at a time.

If your don't get it.....you don't get me.


Adopting A Friend

We require a 3 page application for all adoptions. 

Please contact: rescue_4petsake@yahoo.com for an application.

DATE____________     4 PETSAKE ANIMAL RESCUE    


The information we request in this form is to ensure that we are finding a quality permanent home for our Dogs.  This information assists us in achieving the best possible match between a pet and a potential new owner.


Your Name: ________________________ Co-Applicant____________________


City: ______________________State: ______Zip: _________________

Home Phone: ______________Work Phone: ____________Cell: _____________

Email: ____________________________________________________________

Best time of day to be contacted: __________________

What age, color, and sex of dog are you interested in? _____________________

Are you interested in a specific dog – if so, name? ________________________

Primary Residence:  Own/Rent/Lease    How long at this residence: ___________

If you rent /lease, are pets allowed? ________________ 

Name and phone number of landlord:____________________________________

May we contact your landlord? ___________________

Do you have a fenced yard? ____  Approx. size of fenced area _____________

Fence height ____Completely enclosed? ____  Is fence attached to house? ____ 

Is there shade in yard? _________  Is there shelter in yard? ___________

Do you have a dog door into house or garage? _______

Will the dog ever be left outside unattended? ___  If yes, for how long?________

If no fence, how will dog be let outside? _________________________________

Is anyone home during the day?  ___ How many hours would dog be alone?____

Where will the dog stay when home alone? ______________________________

Where will the dog be housed at during the day? __________________________

At night? ________________Do you own or have you ever used a crate?______

Would you allow us to conduct a home visit prior to adoption? ______________

What do you do with your pet while on vacation? _________________________

Why are you interested in adopting this dog? ____________________________

What breeds are you considering? _____________________________________

Are you looking for a dog as a: companion______ playmate for a child? ________

Have you/anyone in the household ever owned a dog? ___________

Have you/anyone in the household ever owned this breed? ________

Do all adults in the household agree on adopting this dog? ________

Are there children in the household? _____ # _____ Ages: __________________

Do you have any neighbors, family, and/or friends who have children that will visit your home? _____  Ages; ________________________________________

Is there anyone in your household with Asthma or Allergies to cats/dogs? ______

What other pets do you currently have? _________________________________

Type: _____Breed: ____________Name: ______________Age:_____Sex: _____

Spayed/Neutered? _________

Type: _____Breed: ____________Name: ______________Age:_____Sex: _____

Spayed/Neutered? _________ 

Where are these animals kept? ________________________________________

What other pets have you had in the past five years? ______________________

What happened to them? __________________ If any of your pets have passed away, please provide age and cause of death. ___________________________ 

What kind of problems, if any, did you have with them? ____________________

Have you ever surrendered a pet to or returned a dog to a shelter? ___________

If yes explain. _____________________________________________________

Have you ever given away or sold a dog? ____If yes explain. _________________________________________________________________

Adopted pets need time to adjust to their new surroundings.  Are you willing to give the new dog at least one month trial to allow the dog adequate time to adjust? _______

What would you consider a reason for not keeping an adopted pet? ________________________

If you currently have a dog, what type of dog food do you use?  ___________________________

How often do you feed your dog? ___________________________

Do you use heart worm prevention with your pet? ____Type: ________________

Do you use flea prevention with your pets? ___ Type: _____________________

Name of current Veterinarian: ________________________________________

Address ________________________________ City _________ State _____

Zip ________ Tel # including area code: __________________ May we contact your Veterinarian? _________

If  no current Veterinarian, name and telephone number of Veterinarian used in the past. ______________________________________________________________________________

If no Veterinary reference, please provide the Name and telephone # of 2 personal references other than a relative.  These may include neighbors, coworkers, breeders, trainers, etc.


Name                                                             Telephone #


Name                                                              Telephone #

By submitting this application, I agree that: 

If I am approved for adoption and I cannot keep the adopted dog for any reason, it will be returned to 4PetSake Animal Rescue immediately.

I am authorizing, through submission of this form, the Veterinarian(s) named above to release any information and records concerning past or present care of animals to 4 PETSAKE Animal Rescue.  I agree to hold harmless and indemnify said Veterinarian(s) for providing such information.

I have not, nor has anyone in my household, ever been charged with any form of animal or human abuse, neglect or cruelty.

I am 18 years of age and I have read this application in its entirety and have answered each question honestly and to the best of my ability.


Agreed: ______________________________________________________________

             Applicant                                                                           Date


            Co-Applicant                                                                       Date


rescue_4petsake@yahoo.com         864-353-2880    

Who We Are


We are committed to adopting as many animals as possible.  To educate the community in responsible pet ownership.  Eliminate animal suffering: optimize animal health and quality of life.  Eliminate animal overpopulation and homelessness by funding low-cost spay/neuter clinics.  Through education and action, prevent cruelty to animals.  To morally and ethically foster animals in such a way to ensure safety for all and show respect for the dignity and worth of all creatures.

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

Come Visit Us

We are at the Woodruff Rd Petsmart at 1125 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC, 29607 every Saturday from 11:30 am until 3:30 pm. 

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