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Who We Are

E-mail questions, comments, or suggestions to: animal.adoption@fairfield.sc.gov

Adopting a friend

Please copy this application and paste it into an email, then fill it out and send it to: animal.adoption@fairfield.sc.gov
*You can also fill out an application in person by stopping by our shelter*
Please answer all of the questions below to continue the application process. References will be checked and false information will cause application to be rejected. All information is confidential and will not be released to unauthorized persons. The questions are not meant to be offensive, as they are necessary to ensure the pet is a good fit for your home and lifestyle. FCAAC reserves the right to refuse an adoption to anyone.

First Name:
Last Name:
Your spouse/partner/roommate's name?
Current Address:
Zip code:
How long?
Previous address:
Zip code:
Your Age:
Number of people in household:
Number of children:
Their Ages:
Your occupation:
For how long?
How many hours per week?
Phone numbers -
Email address:
Do you own or rent? (if other, please specify)
Do you live in a.....house.....apartment.....farm.....subdivision.....other:
Landlord information-
Do you have a fenced yard?
Height, type and length:
Your reason for wanting to adopt:
Where will your pet be when you are not home?
Where will your pet be when you go on vacation?
How many hours each day will your pet be alone?
How will you new pet spend each day?
Please list the breed, age, gender, and temperament of each current pet:
If they are dogs, do they get along with cats?
If they are cats, do they get along with dogs?
Are your current pets spayed/neutered? If not, explain why:
Are your pets on any medications?
Flea and tick treatment type:
Heartworm prevention type:
Vitamins and supplements:
Can you afford veterinarian care for preventative meds, vaccines, boosters, and routine visits?
Name and phone number of current veterinarian:
Have you ever, for any reason, returned or given away a pet? Explain.
Under what circumstances would you consider giving up your pet(s)?
What would be the best time for a staff member to visit your home?
Do you understand that any pets adopted from FCAAC must be returned to FCAAC in the event you can no longer keep the animal, for any reason?
Please list the names and address of two references (excluding relatives) we may contact on your behalf:
I hereby state that the above information provided in this application is true, and falsifying any statements made will forfeit my chances for being an adoption candidate.
Your signature:
Your printed name:
Witness signature:
Witness printed name:

Come Visit Us!

Our new adoption center is located across the street from the Fairfield County Recreation Center on US Highway 321 Business behind the Midlands Tech Trade School

Fairfield County Animal Adoption Center
1678 US Highway 321 Business North
Winnsboro, SC 29180
Phone: 803-815-0805

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