Sandhills Chihuahua Rescue
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Click here to see our adopted dogs
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The mission of Sandhills Chihuahua Rescue is to help pet chihuahuas who need homes.  Our foster dogs live in our home and recieve lots of love and training.  We take in dogs who are sweet and outgoing and also those who have problem behaviors such as shyness or biting.  We accept purebred chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes.  All adoptors must fill out an application.  We accept applications from both local adoptors and out-of-state adoptors.  We are strictly no-kill.  To see our chihuahuas who are seeking forever homes click on "available chihuahuas".  To see our chihuahuas who are happily living with new families click on "adopted chihuahuas".  The chis pictured on this page are rescued chis that have found their forever homes. Contact us at