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CLAWS is a fund raiser through HSLSC that asks $1 per Lancaster County resident and also from the rescues that pull so that a medical building and expansion can be built at LAC.  See:  http://www.savelancasterscpets.org/claws-fund-for-lac-buildingexpansion.html
They fill up very fast especially in the Spring with puppy and kitten season. Unfortunately many highly adoptable puppies/dogs/cats/kittens can and will be put to sleep due to space limitations. This is a Rescue friendly facility with a caring staff that have a tough job to do!!!  Please help them by rescuing, adopting, &  spaying/neutering your pets.


Adopting A Friend

Rescues are welcome at Lancaster County Animal Control. If you are 501-C3 there is no pull fee at this time. We will help your rescue as much as possible. We have a small staff and are unable to transport, hold animals for long periods, or have vetted. If your organization is interested in an animal send your 501 paperwork along with persons allowed to pull and contact information to joelhinson@lancastercountysc.net. Rescues without a 501-C3 will be required to pay the regular adoption fee of $50 including $40 deposit for required spay/neuter returned to you after LAW REQUIRED spay/neuter.

Who We Are

4 Animal Control Officers for Lancaster County, SC which is a County with over 76,000 people in it.  

PLEASE SPAY/NEUTER your pets, if you breed be responsible.

Come Visit Us

Lancaster County Animal Control & Shelter
P. O. Box 1809
118 Kennel Lane
Lancaster, S.C. 29720
Animal Control & Shelter: 803-286-8103
Fax: 803-286-7907
Lancaster Co. Animal control also operates the Lancaster County Animal Shelter. Animals can be viewed for adoption or reclaimed by owners at the shelter. Shelter hours are:

Monday-Friday 8 am-5pm
Saturday 8 am-12 noon
Closed Sundays & Holidays


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