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Apollo and everyone at Noble Shepherd Rescue would like to thank you for your kind and generous donation to Apollo's Fund..

He has started receiving his antibiotics and we will keep our site updated with his progress. Hopefully he will soon start to regrow hair and we will be sure to post pictures when that happens!!!
AUGUST 18 2008


Apollo loved his visit to the Dermatologist, normally people don't want to pet him due to his odd appearance and flaky, scabby skin but the vet techs all loved on him and he ate it up!! He sat still and behaved so well as he was swabbed and scrapped. All the in-house tests came back conclusive to a bacterial skin infection but due to his not responding to the drugs he has been on, cultures were sent off to determine exactly what drug resistant bacteria we were dealing with. We have gotten good and bad news from the Dermatologist. Good news is the cultures identified 5 different bacterial strains in his ears and skin. The even better news is there is a single antibiotics that can fight all 5. But, the bad news is this is a very expensive drug and just the first months worth is $405.00!! We FINALLY have an answer to Apollo's skin issues and a way to fight them but the rescue does not have enough money to even start him on this treatment. With all the special needs dogs we have currently, our vet fund is almost empty. Please find it in your heart to donate to Apollo's fund! He is such a sweet, happy boy who deserves to finally be healthy.


Apollo has had a relapse of his skin condition and we have tried several treatment options with no effect so far. His vet has referred him to a Dermatologist specialist and we are working on raising money for this appointment. Poor Apollo has been through so much but he keeps such a happy outlook on life, he doesn't seem to notice that he has no hair and doesn't look like the other dogs. He is only interested in playing ball and running around. He tolerates his medicated baths and all his pills, always with a tail wag and a kiss. He is such a sweet boy and we are dedicated to solving this frustrating and complex skin issue.

Please help us to help him and donate in his name. You can make a payment to:

Noble Shepherd Rescue
P.O. Box 742
Columbia, SC 29202



December 2007:

September 2007:

After just a few weeks:

On the same weekend in July that Noble Shepherd rescue took on the task of taking in the 3 German Shepherds in the Columbus County, NC abuse case, we also took in another horrible neglect case. Pictured below is how Apollo looked when we picked him up.

When we were learned of this pitiful boy in a shelter in NC about to be put to sleep because of how he looked, we immediately called to try to rescue him. He was dumped at the shelter by his owners who couldnt handle his skin issues. We had no idea what medical condition afflicted him, but knew he deserved a chance to be healed or at least to be humanly euthanized in loving arms instead of killed at a shelter if his condition proved to be untreatable. However, in the true spirit of a German Shepherd, Apollo has proved to be a fighter and has an exuberant lust for life. He is a real trooper when it comes to all the medical tests, blood work, medicated baths, eye drops, ear cleanings, ointments, and medications he has had to put up with. He is still being treated and has further treatments to go, but as you can see, he has improved dramatically.

Many times we get dogs into the rescue that have medical issues like Apollo. Many times they are preventable if their previous owners had properly cared for them, but by the time we get them, they have secondary issues that usually end up being quite expensive to treat. In Apollos case he came to us with a very bad bacterial skin infection brought on by a variety of issues. Most probable is poor nutrition, possible flea allergy and/or food allergy - all very common and very preventable and/or treatable issues. However, since nothing was done by his previous owners to prevent fleas from biting him or simply treating him early on when he had issues, his irritation was allowed to become a widespread skin infection, thus leaving him susceptible to other infections and reeking havoc with is poor immune system. Apollo is on the mend now, and is a wonderful, happy, affection boy who loves nothing more than to chase a ball and be with his people.

Although he is not available for adoption yet, he will be soon. If interested in helping Apollo, either through donating to his care or interest in adopting him, please contact us as

Contact Info:
Please fill out an application or
email for more information!
Columbia, SC

Why we need you!!

We are bombarded with dogs everyday at the rescue...beautiful, sweet German Shepherds that end up at kill shelters because owners turn them in for a variety of reasons...almost always they ARE NOT the dogs fault!! Some of the reasons we have gotten from owners are, the dog has gotten too big, or they don't have time for them anymore, or they shed too much, or the new dog doesn't like them, or they are moving and don't want to find a new apartment that takes dogs!!! Shelter dogs are not damaged goods, they are usually not there because they have a behavior problem or are aggressive...they are usually there because people don't treat animals as living creatures but just as accessories that you throw away when you don't want them anymore!! Shelters contact us EVERYDAY with another purebred German Shepherd that they have gotten in that they need placement for immediately or they will be put to sleep. Most shelters can not hold an owner turn in because they are full of strays that must be held for a specified number of days so an owner can reclaim them. Therefore, owner turn ins are killed immediately!! There is NOT the happy ending that people think happens when they turn a dog in! I'm sure they tell themselves that someone will come by and fall in love with their dog and take them home and they will be better off. They must tell themselves that to sleep at night!

Most people don't realize how bad a situation most of our shelters are in....too many dogs, not enough homes or rescue organizations to take them! Our pet population is way out of control! We need foster homes so that we can save dogs in shelters that are in danger of being put to sleep, so that time doesn't run out like it does for so many!! We have SEVERAL dogs on our site that are currently in temporary foster homes, that need to be moved to new foster homes, so that we would have the room to save a dog from the shelter. Sometimes people are wary of fostering a dog because they don't want to bring a dog into their home with an unknown temperment. That is understandable....for those with concerns like that, remember we have some dogs in temporary foster homes where they have had some time to be better evaluated and recover from their spay or neuter. We need foster homes to move those dogs so that another in the shelter can be saved. Some of our experienced foster homes take in an extra dog when space gets tight and their time is up at the shelter. That is another example of how new foster homes can get a dog with a known temperment, so you are not taking a chance on a dog coming straight from the shelter. If you think you could help us make room in our rescue to save some of these dogs in shelters by fostering one of our current dogs, PLEASE email us immediately and apply to become a foster home. I promise it is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have!!

Sponsor a Dog!!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so all of your donations will be tax deductible!

We have many dogs that have special needs and/or expensive vet bills. Some have to go through heartworm treatment, some have mange, others have injuries that were not properly taken care of by their former owners or were injured while a stray. Our adoption fees don't come close to paying for those cases. Sponsoring a dog with a monetary donation will help the rescue to continue to be able to save dogs that may need a little extra TLC. Any amount helps, because it all adds up. If you can help and are interested in sponsoring one of our dogs, you can mail a donation to:

If you can help and are interested in sponsoring one of our dogs, you can mail a donation to:

Noble Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 742
Columbia, SC 29202


We here at Noble Shepherd Rescue are usually so busy providing care for our many foster dogs that we run out of time to thank all the appropriate people who by their donations truly make this possible. There are many ways to help save these guys lives and making donations are one of them. We would like to thank the following people who so generously have helped in the past and continue to help by doing just this. This is not in any special order. A big thank you to Jean and Sam Garfield, (Cassie's parents); Michelle Henning, (mom to Thor and Chloe); Tawnya and Bill Sargeson, (proud parents of Max and Sierra); Susan Richter, (mom to Haley and Xena); Amanda Fields, (mom to Jasmine); Bruce and Jayne Dougherty; Michale and Tamara Traviss (mom and dad of Riddick); Caroline Tiffen (mom to Asia); Mary Thomas (proud mom of Harley); Catherine Nakayama; Julia Amara (volunteer); Dawn Bradley; Dennis and Nancy Duffy; Jan Coleman (In Memory of Ben); and Ruth Crosby. Big sloppy kisses from all of the Noble Shepherd gang!!!

Foster News !!

We have so many great individuals that selflessly give of themselves to provide a temporary and loving home for the dogs that we bring into our rescue. These guys also spend countless hours working with their foster dogs to make them feel loved and give them the confidence they need to thrive in their new homes. We wanted to take the time to thank our foster mom and dads. A Big Thank You to Kathy Manis (Laurinburg, NC foster mom); Barbara Pierce (Blythewood foster mom ); Marty Davis (NC foster mom); Tina Smedes (Columbia, NC foster mom).>

This is a fine group of people that I am proud to call my rescue family.

Who We Are

Welcome to Noble Shepherd Rescue, Inc.! We are an organization dedicated to rescuing German Shepherd Dogs in need in South and North Carolina. We are an approved non-profit corporation with the state of South Carolina and have our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. There is no public shelter to visit. Instead, our companion animals are lovingly cared for in one of our approved foster homes where they can more readily adjust to a family/home environment. It is our goal to place as many as we can in forever homes with people that appreciate the nobility and undying loyalty that is characteristic to the breed. You'll never find a better friend, or a more dedicated companion.

All of our dogs are vet-checked upon rescue, spayed or neutered, brought up to date on all vaccinations and tested for heartworms. They are also temperament tested, checked for food aggression, compatibility with other dogs as well as children, and socialized before being placed on our adoption list.

German Shepherds aren't for everyone. They are a unique breed. Highly intelligent dogs, they love to learn, and need exercise. They do very well with obedience and command training, and most enjoy it thoroughly. They do, however, tend to have more dominant personalities than some breeds and can be stubborn. It's important to be a step ahead of them at all times, as a GSD with an Alpha personality can be a handful.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption donation is $250. The adoption donation helps to cover the expenses the rescue incurs providing excellent vet care to all the dogs that come into our care. Our dogs are adopted out up to date on all of his/her shots, spayed or neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped and on heartworm preventative. Since many of our dogs come to us as strays or from owners who did not properly care for them, many come to us heartworm positive. If this is the case, they'll be listed here immediately so people can see them and inquire, but will be treated (by the safest and most effective treatment our vet deems necessary) and, if necessary allowed time to recover before being released to their forever home. We want every Noble Shepherd Rescue dog to have a great start to their new life!

**Please only apply if your intent is to allow the dog into your home to live amongst your family. The German Shepherd lives to be with and protect their family. They thrive on human interaction and should not be kept outside.**

So if you see a dog here that captures your heart, like they ALL have ours, please e-mail or call us and we will forward you an application. Your application has to be processed, which includes calling our personal references and your vet references. We also will have to schedule a home visit to see your home and where the dog will be living. This is not a quick process. Please be patient. We want to assure that our dogs are placed in appropriate homes and that they will truly be their forever homes!!

Please also remember that we are volunteers with full time jobs and families. Please be understanding if we can not return your call or email within hours of your inquiry. Our rescue has grown faster than we expected. We have an AWESOME group of volunteers that give their time to help these dogs that people didn't have time for. We have many calls to return and many applications to email and process along with caring for the foster dogs that are in our own homes. Therefore, we can not guarentee a return call or email the same day that you call or email us. We will try to respond within 2-3 days. We are soooo thankful for your interest in our rescue and your interest in saving a dog. Thank you for your understanding


WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF FOSTER HOMES!! Foster homes SAVE LIVES! Without our foster homes we could not function! We can not save these precious dogs from shelters, that will put them to sleep after a few days, if we have no where to put them. If you would like to join us as a foster home please contact our adoption director or submit an application online by going to and going to Adoption Process. Fostering doesn't cost anything but love and time. A foster family simply opens up their homes and hearts to one or two animals and provide a loving home environment while the dog waits for his new forever home. Vetting will be paid for by the rescue and we can even help you out with the extra food. It is a wonderful way to help, and also a great experience.


We are always in need of extra pet supplies. Below is our "most needed" list, so if you'd like to help these wonderful animals out, but are unable to adopt, please consider donating one or more of these items. Why not keep this list near your grocery list and when you find a great sale on one of the listed items that you plan on buying for yourself, simply pick up an extra for the rescue? Centralized drop off or pickup of items can be arranged for your convenience. What a great, easy way to help!

Paper Towels (always need as we are always housetraining)
Garbage Bags (33 gal. or larger)(for the paper towels - of course)
Dog Toys (chew ropes, raw hides, stuffed animals, balls, etc.
Dog Beds - we have an immediate need for these as our seniors need soft places to lay
Rolling Trash Cart
33 gallon trash cans
Heavy duty buckle collars, all sizes
Heavy duty leashes
Large sized Crates

Donate a Bed We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

Where We Are Located!

We are not located in one place, instead our foster homes are spread out between NC & SC. We have foster homes all around SC & NC!!

We do adopt out of state, application requirements are still the same, and dogs must still be met in person prior to adopting!.

Noble Shepherd Rescue, Inc.

Our Officers Are...

Sinclair Pluss
Director/Intake Coordinator

Lisa McVety

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