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Who We Are

Sunset Felines is a small local charity in West Columbia South Carolina established in 2001 to help improve the lives of homeless and abandoned cats in our community. Our emphasis is on educating the public about the importance of spaying/neutering and TNR.

Volunteers Needed!

We are in search of volunteers with event planning and/or marketing experience to work with us on events to promote our cats for adoption as well as support for the colony. If you or anyone you know would like to make a positive impact on the welfare of these very special cats, please call us or send an email!

Know a cat that needs a home?

Lots of people contact us about cats that need homes, either because they're moving and can't take their cat with them - OR - they've spotted a nursing mother cat on their property or near the dumpster at their favorite restaurant. If you are dealing with either of these situations, please understand that we are not a shelter and are unable to take your cat(s) off your hands. As much as we would like to, our operation depends heavily on foster homes which tend to stay full due to the massive cat overpopulation in this area.

The answer is simple: spay and neuter!

If you think you've stumbled upon a colony and want to do something to control the population without having all the cats trapped and put to sleep, we will gladly provide assistance in implementing a program in your area. Just call the number below for more information, or check out the resources available on the Alleycat Allies website.

Euthanasia is not the answer!

Feral cat colonies can be found all over the city, and in the unmanaged ones, overbreeding leads quickly to the spread of diseases like feline leukemia and feline AIDS. Competition (i.e. fighting) among tomcats for food and mating rights are one of the ways that these diseases are spread. We address these problems through a method called trap/neuter/return, or TNR. We humanely trap the cats and take them to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and treated for any other illnesses or injuries. After assessing how the cats will adapt to indoor living with people and other pets, the cats are either socialized and placed in loving homes or returned to the wild, where they can live "among their own" and enjoy a life free from the stresses of overbreeding and disease.

We're not a shelter

Our activities depend in large part on the generosity of citizens who are willing to make donations of food or money, or provide crate space in their homes to foster the cats while they recover from the spay/neuter. If you are able and willing to temporarily (4-7 days) provide a quiet, light-traffic area in your home where a feral cat can be crated and cared for in a way that is safe for you as well as the cats, then we would love to hear from you! (See link below)

Adopting a friend

We have a number of young adult cats who are excellent candidates for adoption. With some exceptions (see listing), most will do best in homes without small children or inside dogs. Adoption fees are negotiable for the right cat parents; our main concern is finding all of our cats a forever home. Take a look at some of our adorable cats for adoption. Since each cat has a different personality, we're sure that one of our kitties will be the perfect companion for you!

Come Visit Us!

If you're interested in adopting one or more of the cats in our listing, please call or email us to schedule an adoption interview (number and email address below).

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