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Who We Are

South Carolina Rottweiler Rescue provides the yearly shots, spay or neuter, mirochip, and heartworm test, with treatmant if needed. We also put all our dogs on heartworm and flea prevent. We have our friends groomed and we work with them on their socialization so they are ready to be part of a loving family in no time at all! We do our best to give these loving animals the best chance for placement. All dogs are made part of a family while in the Rescue. They are socialized with other dogs, people, and cats when possible.

Adopting a friend

Adoption Policy & Costs : In order to adopt you must fill out an adpotion application, there is a small donation of $ 25 with each application. There is a sceduled home vist, and when all this is passed, we can unite you and your Rotten One! There is a donation of $ 100 per pet. This donation is to off set the cost of housing, food, and health care, such as spay/neuters and heartworm treatments/prevents and flea prevents. Checks should be made out to South Carolina Rottweiler Rescue.

We ask for personal references, vet references, and we ALWAYS do home checks prior to any adoption or foster arrangement. The first step is to fill out our adoption / foster form. This can be done over the phone.
In oder to adopt from SCRR, you must sign an adoption contract that states if you become unable, or unwilling to care for the adopted Rottie, the dog will come back to us. This is for the dog's protection. NO EXCEPTIONS !

ALL DOGS ARE SPAYED / NEUTERED! Please do not inquire about a dog if you intend to breed! We ALMOST NEVER have registration papers on the poor dogs, as they are from shelters, found stray, puppy mills, or back-yard breeders. We are trying to reduce the number of unwanted dogs, not add to them. We hope someday rescues will no longer be needed. But, until every Rottie born has a warm, loving home - NO EXCEPTIONS!

WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT TO HOMES WITHOUT FENCED YARDS We have had many people tell us the dogs would be house pets and not left outdoors for any length of time, and they would be walked for their 'potty' and outdoor time, but we have found this is rarley the case. If you are seroius about adopting one of these dogs, be aware they need a fenced yard to have their 'play' and 'potty' time in. We will not accept a home that 'intends' to put up a fence, or 'is planning to' do so. No fence, no adoption. AGAIN -- NO EXECPTIONS!

MILITARY FAMILIES LIVING ON BASE will be considered on a case by case basis. A copy of the housing code for the base housing and a written letter from the housing authority of the base will be required.

South Carolina Rottweiler Rescue
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