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Little Rhody Rescue

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OPT TO ADOPT ~ Give a first rate dog a second chance!!! Spay and Neuter ALL of your pets!!!! PLEASE fill out an application!! If the attached application does not work, you may go to LITTLERHODYRESCUE.COM for one!


r> PLEASE remember to call your vet to give them permission to speak with us for a Veterinary Reference!!!!! This must be done PRIOR to your interview-Many veterinarians will not speak to us without your permission. To date Little Rhody Rescue and Pooches and Purrs Co op have adopted over 11,000 dogs in 14 years!

Who We Are

. Please paste this link into your browser for a preapproval process application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kInOjR1G6-OCdf2jxccqm8f5vg3URvACXCYTEWahR2o/viewform We have re-organized this rescue to ensure that we are working within the laws of the State of Rhode Island and of the Federal Government. Within the State of Rhode Island, Little Rhody Rescue is proud to be registered and listed with the State of RI DEM Animal Health department as a Class A rescue. We also are a fully licensed quarantine facility if the need arises. We will nOT adopt a pup or dog without spaying or neutering it first; no exceptions. Additionally, we will not adopt to a home that has an UNALTERED dog in their home. Please Spay and Neuter ALL of your pets. Overpopulation is the one reason for us to even exist. For more information and a list of approved, licensed carriers and rescues groups, please see the State of RI website at : http://www.dem.ri.gov/programs/agriculture/documents/rscshltrcr.pdf Adopting a friend?? It's easy- fill out an application, please remember your landlords info and your vet info. We generally will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.Our pups are transported twice a month !!! Additionally, You MUST call Your vet to give them permission to speak with us for a Veterinary Reference!!!!! This must be done PRIOR to your interview Most vets will not speak to us without your permission! We serve all of New England! The state of Massachusetts MANDATES a 5 day quarantine and additional health certificate to the adoption. This little Rescue moves fast! We do not dilly dally about when your pet is potentially on the line- If you ARE SERIOUS about adopting, Fill out an application. Many people say we are one of the FEW agencies that BOTHER to call people back........ we are looking forward to speaking with you!!! Give a FIRST RATE dog a second chance!!! ADOPT!!! WOOF!!! PAWS UP!!! - -hr> >
Little Rhody Rescue

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