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Our most recent news is that we have gained our RI License as a Rescue! Due to new import regulations, all animals brought in by rescues must be placed in quarantine for five days. We now have an approved quarantine area. After the little ones have been in isolation for five days, they are taken for an exam by an RI vet. This keep u in compliance with the new RI regulations. we have been given the status of category level A. We submitted our transport and rescue plan and DEM determined that we are among those least likely to bring dogs into our rescue with contagious illnesses. We are so glad about this accomplishment!

We have continued to work with the Louisiana dogs, and have, as well, started to take in an occasional small dog from overcrowded shelters in New York City. This is through the wonderful people at the New Hope Alliance, who contact us when there is a dog in need, who is not doing well at the shelter, due to fear, old age or health needs. They have sent us special little dogs!

The majority of our dogs come from our friends in Louisiana, who have fostered our dogs lovingly!

Who We Are

My husband Michael and myself have been in rescue work for 20 years, starting with my work at area shelters as part of the Volunteer Services for Animals. Michael worked, before I met him, with the Defenders for Animals. Then, in 2000, we went to adopt our daughter from Cambodia. While we were there, we met a wonderful woman named Francine, who also worked in dog rescue in Louisiana. She told us about the plight of dogs there. So....Little Paws 4 U was created to address the needs of dogs in that area, due to Hurricane Katrina and other storms, puppy mills and bait fighting. we have been so uplifted at meeting dedicated people like Francine and her friends Jenny and Babette,who take the dogs in, foster them lovingly and vet them, then send the dogs to us. Martha is another, amazing volunteer! She takes in puppies, vets them and cares for them.Martha transports the little ones to meet Michael. We take in dogs who are lonely and have been frightened, and who need understanding. We ask that families apply who are around in the day, as our dogs need company and security. At this time, we take in only small breeds. The dogs come to us either from Louisiana or from the New Hope program in NYC. They are here with us in Rhode Island....

Adopting a friend

We work with families within an hour's radius from our home, as we love to meet all adopters. I ask for written essay about your family (including all extended family members who would come in contact with the dog). I also ask for a written essay about your home, (including whether you have a fenced in yard, whether there are other dogs in the neighborhood) and a description of your home. I also ask about your expectations of your dog, since I know that an appropriate match is what makes adoptions successful! Please email or call me for more information about this personal essay. I ask adopters to provide 3 personal references, a vet's phone number. I conduct a home study, or ask one of volunteers to do so. Then, there is the Adoption Contract to sign and lastly, but most importantly, the little dog is placed. After that happens, follow-up contact takes place, to ensure that the little one is happy. The fee for each dog is 385., with a reduction for special needs and senior dogs. This covers altering (unless the puppy is too young to be altered, and then they have a Spaying/Neutering Contract), Heartworm test, all shots to date, a collar, leash and a blanket. It also covers an exam by our RI vet. It also covers transportation costs, whether the transport is by air or ground from Louisiana or New York City.

Come Visit Us!

We do not have a an Animal Control Facility, which would be open certain hours for the public. We are a very small, family-run rescue. If you would like to meet one of our dogs, that may be arranged after references are checked. The dogs are here in Rhode Island with us. We work with families in RI, Eastern CT or NY, western MA, Maine, in Cape Cod, southern NH and near the Boston, Fall River or Worcester (MA) or Litchfield, CT areas..

Little Paws 4 You
11a Paine Rd.

Foster, RI 02825
Phone: 401 647-0513

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