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Adopting A Friend

Adoption Process

Thanks for your interest in providing a PAWS dog with a safe and loving home.

Here’s how our adoption process works.

1. Find a dog

Check out our list of currently available dogs. The list is updated regularly, so if you don’t find the perfect match today, check back soon!

2. Submit an Adoption Form

When you find a dog you like, submit an Adoption Form on our website - www.pawsnewengland.com

Your form gets routed to one of our adoption coordinators, who will contact you to discuss your decision to adopt.

(We are staffed entirely by volunteers, and sometimes it can take us a few days to contact you. Sorry in advance!)

Unfortunately, you may not be the only one interested in adopting a particular dog. If you don’t get your first choice, don’t worry! PAWS has plenty of great dogs in need of loving homes.

3. Bringing your new dog home

After you’ve been accepted, your dog’s foster parent will coordinate with you to get your new pack member home.

Sometimes our dogs are still being fostered with one of our volunteers in South. We partner with a few wonderful pet transportation services. Click here to learn more.

PAWS requires a mandatory donation for all of our adoptions.

This helps offset the cost of rescue and rehabilitation, and allows us to save more lives.

4. Check out our adoption resources

We want to make sure that you and your new dog get off to a great start!

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help ensure a smooth transition. And if you have any questions or concerns at any point, contact us and let us know. We’re here to help!

Who We Are

Our Story

Paws News England has two missions:

  1. Rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs from high-kill shelters and desperate situations, provide them with veterinary care and much needed TLC, and bring them to New England where we place them in safe, loving homes.
  2. Reduce and eventually end the euthanization rate at several shelters in several southern states..

In the Beginning

Eight years ago, Traci Wood, one of the co-founders of Paws New England, walked into the Tipton County Animal in search of Snowflake, a friend’s lost dog.

Snowflake was not at the shelter (she was found alive and well later that day), but what Traci saw shocked and saddened her. The pitiful dogs and cats that she saw there that morning—some injured, many sick, cold and wet, and the absolute hopeless expressions on their little faces—made her heart sink.

Traci started going to the shelter several times a week, taking photos of the dogs, posting them on Petfinder, and seeking the help of various rescue groups around the country. One-by-one, Traci started pulling dogs out of Tipton County and placing them in loving homes.

Later that summer, a woman from Boston named Kelly Parker noticed all of the dogs Traci was posting and asked, “How can I help?”

Their paths crossed with Jo-Anne Hutchinson who, while working with another rescue, met one of Traci’s dogs at a transport. She had been abandoned by the person who was to pick her up and was going to have to return to Tennessee. Jo-Anne took Daisy home and PAWS New England was born.

PAWS Grows

Since our inception, Paws New England has saved the lives over over 8000 dogs as of early 2016.  We currently pull dogs from the Tipton County Animal Shelter, the Bartlett Animal Shelter, Memphis Animal Shelter and several other shelters in Tennesssee.  In addition we work with several groups located in Texarkana, Texas and Houston all with the same mission - get these lovely very adoptable dogs out of shelters and into homes.  By working with rescues in the southern states, we can help support those groups that are in the "trenches" and see the day to day suffering of dogs in these shelters and their eventual death.  

PAWS Today

Eight years later, PAWS now has over 150, and a wonderful network of foster homes and rescue partners, including New England shelters, veterinarians and trainers. Based out of Barrington, Rhode Island, Paws New England has become one of the most recognized rescues in the area.

Paws New England started with a simple mission: save lives, one dog at a time and we continue on this mission every single day.

Come Visit Us

Although we don't have a physical location as our dogs are all housed in foster homes throughout New England after arriving from the south, if you complete an only application, you are more than welcome to meet the dog you are interested in prior to completing your adoption.

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