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Our Pet List

*Please note that VSA-Warwick does not house shelter animals.*

For more adoptable pets, please visit the website for

The City of Warwick Animal Shelter

Thinking of adopting a pet for a loved one?
Please consider printing and giving Petfinder's Pet Promise Certificate instead.


Before you purchase a pet from a "breeder" or a pet store, please make sure you are aware of the puppy mill industry. Many people purchase dogs and puppies without looking into the dogs' backgrounds first, which commonly results in serious consequences for both the dogs and their owners. So what are the differences between a puppy miller and a responsible breeder? How do you identify a puppy miller or a puppy mill puppy? How can you avoid sustaining this horrible cycle? Go to The Best Friends Animal Society's web page for more information. Keep in mind that today's animal shelters conduct personality testing and obedience training for their dogs.


To further our mission, VSA-Warwick is involved in teaching responsible companion animal care to area youth and extracurricular groups. We promote understanding of the nature and needs of wildlife and exotic animals kept as pets. Another essential aspect of our work is to advocate spaying and neutering of all pets.


The mission of VSA-Warwick is to foster a public attitude of humane care and gentleness toward all animals (whether they are domestic, exotic, wild or animals breed for food) and to promote an awareness of the importance animals have in our environment and daily lives.


Not only is it good for your companion animal, it's the law! The State of Rhode Island has a law requiring that all cats living in Rhode Island be spayed or neutered. Volunteer Services for Animals is ready to help! VSA-Warwick can help you find low cost surgery and assistance. By spaying or neutering your cat, you not only give her or him a healthier, happier life, but you also prevent generations of unwanted kittens.

For information and assistance, please call VSA-Warwick at (401) 273-0358. Your cat will love you for it!


Annual Workplace Giving Appeal mailed the week of the Labor Day holiday.

Annual Holiday Appeal mailed the week of the Thanksgiving Day holiday.


If you have lost a pet in the Warwick, Rhode Island area, please email information to vsaheadquarters@yahoo.com, the Warwick Coordinator, and we will post the information for you in this section.


This section is designed to feature pets who need placement in loving homes ASAP. If you know of any feral/abandoned pets who have potential to be family pets, and would like to give them a chance at a new life, please send pictures and descriptions to vsaheadquarters@yahoo.com, the Warwick Coordinator, and we will display them here.


Have you adopted a pet through VSA-Warwick? We would love to hear what he or she is up to now! Please feel free to send us an email (preferably with a picture attached), and describe what a difference your new pet has made in your life.


VSA-Warwick Happy Tails!


All donations are tax deductible. We are in need of donations for our:

  • Spay/Neuter Assistance Fund
  • Emergency Veterinary Assistance Fund
  • Feral/Homeless Cat Rescue Fund
  • Emergency Food & Medicine Fund
  • Injured or Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Fund

These funds are for the use of people in the Warwick community, when emergencies arise and they are unable to pay for their companion animals' medical care and also to help care for injured or orphaned wildlife in Warwick.

If you would like to mail a donation, please send to:

Volunteer Services for Animals
VSA-Warwick Treasurer
P.O. Box 6263
Providence, RI 02940-6263

Please include the name of the companion animal you'd like to donate in honor or memory of, or if applicable, include the name(s) of the person(s) you are honoring or remembering. We would like to send a card to you to thank you for your donation, as well, so please note your address. What better way to send a special occasion greeting for someone who has everything?

OR, you can...


There is nothing more gratifying than helping to save a dog or cat! If you are unable to adopt a pet, but would like to help out, consider becoming a volunteer. There are plenty of different things to do, and training is provided.

We are looking for volunteers interested in promoting humane education in area schools. (Boy and Girl Scout troops take note: you can earn badges for volunteering!) We will provide training and materials. VSA-Warwick requires all volunteers sign a liabilty waiver prior to the start of volunteering. To obtain this form, and for more information, please email vsaheadquarters@yahoo.com, the Warwick Coordinator.

Who We Are: About | Mission | Email Us
What We Offer: Low Cost Spay/Neuter | Fundraisers
Special Notices: Lost Pets | Urgent! | Happy Tails!
How You Can Help: Donations | Volunteering

Last updated July 21, 2014