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Il nous fait EXTRÊMEMENT plaisir de lancer notre Site Web! Merci à nos foyers d'accueil et d'adoption pour les belles photos de nos amis poilus!


It is our ABSOLUTE pleasure to launch our website! Thanks to our foster families and adopters for the great pictures of our furbabies! 



Adopting A Friend

Le processus d'adoption est assez simple. il y a un formulaire à remplir pour trouver le meilleur match pour vous ou votre famille au niveau du style de vie et vos besoins. Nous organisons ensuite une visite chez la famille d'accueil pour rencontrer votre chien potentiel. Les frais d'adoption couvrent la stérilisation, les vaccins, les vermifuges, les traitements préventifs contre les parasites et la micropuce. Envoyez-nous simplement votre adresse courriel et nous serons heureux de vous faire parvenir le formulaire.

The adoption process is quite simple. The first step is a form to complete in order to find the best match to suit you or your family's needs and lifestyle. We will then organize a visit at the foster family's home to introduce the dog to the family.  If the shelter deems the match appropriate, there is an adoption fee that covers sterilization, vaccinations, de-worming, preventive treatments against parasites, and microchipping.  Just send us your email and we will be happy to forward you the form.

Who We Are

Our organization provides abandoned and neglected dogs with adequate shelter, healthcare, food and love they need in order to facilitate the rehabilitation process.  Our dogs are first placed in the care of a temporary foster family for a necessary evaluation in order to transition into a forever family. Our organization is a non-kill rescue and with the exception of extreme terminal medical conditions, euthanization is never an option. 

The rescue is currently surviving day to day, trying to make ends meet and primarily to ensure the dogs have access to medical care which ends up consuming majority, if not all, of the rescue's budget. Our rescue ensures all of the dogs up for adoption are sterilized/neutered, receive basic vaccinations, preventative treatment against heart worm as well as microchipping. Sterilization/Neutering our dogs promotes the importance of population control and ending indiscriminate breeding. In 2014, over 53,000 dogs were admitted to rescues across Canada with over 15% of those dogs being euthanized. Our goal as a rescue is to save as many dogs within our power, most of which are from the 15% being euthanized. Our dogs often arrive sick, abandoned due to the lack of means to ensure a healthy recovery and brought to the vet to be euthanized. It is our mission to ensure they get the medical attention and the life they deserve. 
With the launch of our website and the continued dedication from our volunteers, we expect a bright 2016 filled with healthy dogs, lives saved and enough donations to continue what we firmly believe in. Check our new website: www.refugemagoo.org

Come Visit Us

Nos chiens sont en famille d'accueil et donc non au refuge! :)

Nous adoptons seulement dans les envirions de Montréal et à Ottawa. SVP nous contacter pour plus de détail sur notre zone d'adoptions. 

Our dogs are in foster families and therefore not at the rescue! :) 

We only adopt within a one hour radius from Montreal and Ottawa. Please contact us with more information on our adoption zone.

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