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Care, Compassion and Commitment to Animals is our priority

Who We Are. Chatopia ( Formerly Animal Adoption Montreal) is a registered charitable organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming purebred cats in need. Working together with other likeminded organizations, animal welfare agencies, shelters, animal controls and vets to provide all the welfare needs of purebred cats.

We are based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and, since December 2005, have placed thousands of animals! All of our animals our fully vaccinated and sterilized prior to adoption. We have an amazing volunteer based team that allow us to assist the animals while we help them find forever homes. We can only take in animals that our funds, volunteers and donations can allow. The more you support us the more we can help! We depend on your donations which in turn helps put an end to homeless pets by supporting animal adoption no matter where they are. We often take in animals that require immediate veterinary care which results in very large hospital bills! Through a network of amazing volunteers and rescue groups we assure a safe and permanent placement of these pets.

In April 2008, we opened our amazing Adoption Center for cats called "Chatopia" that specializes in neglected, abandoned and abused purebred cats.

What is "Chatopia?" A leader in the adoption process by allowing cats to have freedom in a home-like environment. We felt a need to help the public see that stray and orphaned animals can become wonderful family pets. Changing the perception to see that animal centers are happy, bright places where their next companion is waiting for them has allowed us to change the perception people have of abandoned animals and providing an alternative viewing and concept to the typical animal shelter. The more you support us the more we can help! We depend on your donations, which in turn, helps to put an end to homeless pets by supporting animal adoption no matter where they are. We often take in animals that require immediate veterinary care which results in very large hospital bills! Please consider sending a donation... through a network of amazing volunteers and rescue groups we assure a safe and permanent placement of these pets. We have found some wonderful homes for our cats over the years and are so very grateful to all the new families for joining our Facebook fan page and look forward to updated news on the animals in their new care. Be sure to contact us to come and visit. The cats love the company!!!

How to Adopt a New Friend. Please go to our web site at chatopia.ca and complete an application or contact us by email at After reviewing the questionnaire, should you be the right match for the cat in our care, we will contact you to discuss your application further and then arrange a visit. This advance approval helps to ensure that you and your future pet are right for each other, and allows you to take the animal home immediately if there's a positive connection during your visit. We do request a donation (adoption fee) for our pets.

The suggested minimum donation for cats is $275 CDN (Kittens $300) The Fee includes a complete vet physical, treatments for any illness until healthy unless otherwise informed. If required they are fully vaccinated (for kittens this is 2 sets of vaccines), sterilized with a complete comfort package and parasite treated. All cats are groomed and loved prior to adoption. We have all cats temperament evaluated by Maggie Shuter, our founder and Feline Behaviour Consultant, to assure we are observing and evaluating them to help find the best match for them.

We do, on occasion, get asked to help place dogs.The suggested minimum donation fee for dogs is $350 CDN (Puppies $400) The Fee includes a complete physical exam and temperament test by the vet staff then a full profile by our canine behaviourist, heartworm tested( if over a year), treated for any illnesses until healthy, sterilized and fully vaccinated including rabies.

We work very hard to do what is best for the cats at all times but often the veterinary expenses incurred on behalf of the animals far exceed these adoption fees we ask therefore any additional donation can be made as a good will gesture. All donations or money we receive goes directly to cover our medical bills; no profit is ever made on an adoptive animal. To avoid travel stress on the animals, local applications will be given priority.

We reserve the right, at any time, to decline a prospective adoptee without explanation. As a benefit to cats in our care, we will not accept applications from families that have the intention to declaw or allow a cat outside without supervision. Please consider offering a donation using the "Make a donation" button or contact us so we can send you more information.

Our adoption of Chip and Augusta prompted the following response from their new family:

"We feel as though we owe you a debt of gratitude, and I am sure the cats agree. Chip and Augusta would never have been able to settle in and let their guards down like they already have in our home had they not been so warmly and kindly cared for. I don't think that coming out of the environments they they were found in, either of them would ever have been able to trust us so quickly had they not come to know how caring and gentle people could be during their stays in Chatopia. I believe all of your care and attention in such a safe and warm environment readied them for a loving home."

CHATOPIA focuses on

Humane education

Sterilization programs

Advice and training to support existing rescue organizations, shelters, animal controls and vets

Assisting in re-homing of abandoned, abused and neglected purebred cats.

Sterilization projects ultimately reducing euthanasia of unwanted pets.

December 2010. Granted our charitable status in record time! Thank you to Richard, Mike and all the staff at the Canadian charitable office for your help!

Animal Releases

75 cats rescued form a backyard breeder by Animal Control. 45 placed in the care of Chatopia. All cats were treated for a horrific bacteria and after 6 months of care were all adopted!

Rescue, rehab and relocated 17 Dogs released from a breeder. 10 Dogo Argentino's and 7 Boston Terriers

Assisted in the sterilization project in association with Chiots Nordiques. Over 250 dogs were sterilized in the Northern Quebec native communities of Mingan and Nataskwan

Started the "Share the love Program" allowing retail and wholesale pet food manufactures a way to distribute though human food banks to assist the pets of low income families

Sterilization programs in association with Animal Rescue Corps. 300 Dogs were sterilized and over 200 placed in loving homes after working with the Anishnabi community of Lac Simon, Quebec in providing them with a humane solution to dog overpopulation

Assisted over 24 Persians and Himalayan cats released to us by a breeder. Thank you to the Montreal SPCA e-shelter, Toronto Animal Services and SPCA Western Quebec for all your help!

60 Persians and Himalayans were released by a breeder to the care of Chatopia! Thank you to all our own volunteers, United Animal Nations, Dr. Lissa Altschuler, Lasalle Vet Hospital and Baker Animal Hospital for all your help. A special thank you to Disaster Animal Assistance Team of Nova Scotia for all their direction.

Assisted over 14 cats that have came into our care from a puppy mill from the Montreal SPCA.

Back yard breeder release of 18 cats

Participated in the American Veterinary College of Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association(CVMA) conference in Montreal, Qc, Canada. www.acvimforum.org. What an honor to have been asked to take part in such professional event.

Called upon to help in two seizures involving over 120 Siamese and Persian cats. It was devastating to see the conditions these cats were in, but so satisfying to be able to assist. Many hard lessons were learned from these situations and we have since improved our protocols.

We are still assisting with cats in desperate need of help and doing our best to assist with animal seizures, man made animal disasters and emergency animal care. Almost all our volunteers are now certified with Pet first aid and have trained with Red Rovers responders, www.redrovers.org, and a few with the Humane Society of the United Sates Animal Disaster Team ( HSUSDART) www.hsus.org

Please consider sending us a donation. We are continually working with animals that require extensive medical care. Eye specialists, emergency dental surgeries, bladder and urinary surgeries and treatments, biopsy's, x-rays. We often have no choice but to proceed with the treatments and are always in need of paying our high medical bills. Make a difference so that we may continue our good work. Please use the "Make a Donation" button near the top of this page, cheque's mailed to:

7340 Mountain Sights
Montreal, QC Canada H4P 2A6

Or through the following;


8310 Rue Mayrand
Montreal, QC Canada H4P 2C9
Phone: 514-739-1935

Thank you!

Can you volunteer? Your help is welcome! CHATOPIA embraces its volunteers in helping to care for the animals. For more information on how you can volunteer please complete the volunteer form on our web site or email us at; info@chatopia.ca There's no more rewarding experience than to watch a stressed (and sometimes sick) cat come out of its shell and become a happy and loving companion!

The Animals' Savior
Copyright Jim Willis 1999

I looked at all the caged animals
in the shelter...
the cast-offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope,
fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.

And I was angry.

"God," I said, "this is terrible!
Why don't you do something?"
God was silent for a moment,
and then He spoke softly.
"I have done something," He replied.

"I created you."

Super Fritz
Our mascot, Super Fritz

Animal Adoption Montreal
Montreal, Quebec
Email: info@chatopia.ca

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