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Nosotros no somos un albergue! Somos un grupo de voluntarios que desde nuestros hogares ayudamos a los animalitos. No tomamos animales de personas que se quieren deshacer de ellos. Ayudamos con la adopcion de muchos animalitos donde los duenos trabajan con nosotros a encontrar un nuevo hogar para estas pobres criaturas.
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Our Featured Pet...

Emma is an adorable puppy ready for adoption. Mei Li was found on the side of the road, outside a busy pizza shop, with her hip broken and her leg crushed. she endured the pain for about two days, in the sun and close to running cars. She had leg surgery and she is going for her hip repair surgery soon! She is an adorable Sharpei mix, very happy and active.


Macy's babies are getting bigger. They have not opened their eyes. Macy is gaining weight again. She eats constantly and her skin is also recovering from the neglect in the streets. Macy is a good mom who enjoys being with her babies. She also enjoys visiting the other dogs when she needs a break from the kids. Mei Li is an amazing girl. She is always happy and never complains. She has started to use her left leg to walk and even run, Her hip healed well and very soon her leg muscles will gain their strength. We are desperate to find a good home for her. Although she is almost healthy, she will need a very special home who understand what she went through. Her old owner called us when he saw her picture at the vets office. He told us that he actually moved and now he has another dog. He said he did not want her anymore. He said she broke her chain where she was tied up and ran away but we believe he let her go to avoid taking her with them . According to this man, he did not have room to have her anyway. It was a very disturbing conversation. We continue struggling with the authorities every time we call for an abuse or a neglect complaint. They just give us the run around and nothing gets done. Just a few cases actually make it to court. It is an uphill battle. Abused and neglected animals are everywhere and the police thinks is a waste of time. Every adoption means the world to us. It is a true celebration of love and life! These lucky dogs have found amazing families that will keep them safe, loved and cared for... for life, Thank you. Sonia is on a diet. We now see her as a survivor, who needs to get healthier. She is very happy and content. We love her and will keep her forever. We need donations!! We join other groups in the daily fight for justice and the right to a peaceful and dignified life for animals on this island.

Who We Are

PRSRF was created with the purpose of helping the thousands of stray animals on the Island. Also, it was created as a response to the suffering and neglect that dogs, cats and horses experience everyday. We believe that education and an emphasis on sterililization are the key to the solution of the overpopulation problem. Our group consist of Marilu Oditt and other volunteers. We are a small group who work one animal at a time. However, we are making a huge difference in the quality of life of many animals. We have found loving homes for more than 400 dogs in about three years!!! We work on this mission 24/7. We rehabilitate with lots of love, good nutrition, training, vet care and lots of socialization. We find homes for our animals locally, island-wide and we ship dogs/cats to the United States.

Adopting a friend

We focus our efforts on a couple of dogs at a time. We make contact with the prospective adopter. We conduct an interview, a visit and a contract. We educate our adopter on how to welcome the pet to the family and household. We follow up and advocate for our rescues. For interested adopters outside the Island, we conduct phone interviews, reference letters, outside contacts, an agreement on shipment options and prices. The prospective owner and our director ( Marilu) to arrange the place, time, airline and conditions of the adoption on a one on one basis. We work with groups on the island, e.g. Save a Sato, ARF, CPAA, Amigos de los animales, PAWS, AUPA, Alianza Pro Adopcion de Mascotas, PRASA, and many more. We also work with other rescue groups outside PR. We work with the CT SPCA, Stray From The Heart in New York and others.

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We don't have an actual shelter. We do it straight from home. We give our rescues a feeling of belonging. They are part of our family before going to yours. Socialization is a very important part in the equation. It will ultimately ensure that our pets are not only adopted but kept for life. Unfortunately, there are a very small number of shelters on this island. Most of them are nothing more than extermination sites. The government has not done anything to solve this terrible problem. However, there are hundreds of people and small groups that dedicate their life to better the condition of thousands of animals every day. Good job to all of us!!!!!! We apologize for not disclosing our address anymore. Unfortunately, as soon as people know that someone is helping animals, the front door becomes a dog dumping site.
Puerto Rico Stray Rescue Fund

Aguadilla Puerto Rico, PR 00603
Phone: 787 431 6865

Email: Lbodit@aol.com

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