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Amigos de los Animales, Inc.
Hc 1 Box 7622
Loiza, PR 00772
Phone: (787) 313-5653

Email: Amigos de los Animales, Inc.

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Amigos de los Animales: acting as a voice for abused and abandoned animals in Puerto Rico - speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.


Amigos de los Animales, Inc., is a licensed, nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation acting as a voice for the abandoned and abused animals on the island of Puerto Rico. Amigos de los Animales is dedicated to bringing about a humane Puerto Rico and we are not limited in our activities to further this cause. Amigos de los Animales rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes both companion and farm animals, and works with government and community alike to educate Puerto Rico on animal welfare issues. Amigos de los Animales is run 100% by volunteers, and we rely on the generous donations of people like you in order to be able to carry out our activities and continue our work.


Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) has a small licensed shelter at the Pinones Beach home of Adri Galler Lastra. We currently use local veterinarians to treat and sometimes board our animals including Dr. Juan Ellin, Dra. Maria Esteves, Dr. Jose A. Diaz, Dra. Monica Pagan, Dr. Carlos Mongil and as well as other area veterinarians. All of our Vets have practices in the San Juan area with top notch staff and they all have been instrumental in the rescue of hundreds of our animals.

If you would like to see a list of vets in Puerto Rico, the Amigos de los Animales website has a resource page which can be found HERE


Amigos de los Animales always has an array of dogs for adoption. If you are interested in adopting an animal from Amigos de los Animales, please visit our pet page and see if there is a special companion there that might be just right for you or your family. If you do see your forever friend on our pet page, please contact us for an adoption application.


A Sato is a street dog from Puerto Rico. No two Satos look exactly alike and they all have unique stories, but despite their often rough start in life, Satos are some of the best rescue dogs out there (in our opinion anyway, maybe we are a little biased!) They are the most lovable dogs you will ever rescue and one thing we do know for sure about Satos, people who have adopted Satos LOVE them and agree with us, Satos are the best!!


As a result of the economy, countless dogs and cats in Puerto Rico are suffering. Amigos de los Animales is in dire need of donations to keep up its great work in Puerto Rico. Please donate today, in any amount, to help keep us on our feet. We are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to animal welfare in Puerto Rico. Visit our main website at: www.amigosdelosanimalespr.org for more information about us and what we do. For your convenience we have a PayPal button link above and below, and a snail mail address below. Mil gracias!


Jane Velez-Mitchell Launches Dog Documentary After Visit to Puerto Rico

Amigos de los Animales was fortunate to be able to act as an assistant to investigative journalist and author Jane Velez-Mitchell when she came to Puerto Rico to see how she could be of help with the pet-overpopulation crisis Puerto Rico has been suffering. Taking her to all the island hotspots of animal abuse and abandonment, Jane put together this documentary of her time spent here, hoping to encourage the island government to adopt a spay/neuter policy. Click below to watch the two part series:

Part One

Part Two

"Tourist Dog"

Amigos de los Animales will go the extra mile to help tourists interested in adopting dogs straight from the streets of Puerto Rico. Because Puerto Rico is considered a Commonwealth of The United States, dogs traveling out of Puerto Rico to the Continental U.S. are considered traveling State to State. The plight of stray animals tugs at the heartstrings of tourists and many budding organizations dedicated to helping dogs from Puerto Rico spring up each year as a result of people vacationing in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Tourism Association has thousands of letters from tourists objecting to the animal welfare situation in Puerto Rico, and a fairly recent poll of tourists suggested the plight of animals on the island as being one of two main ways Puerto Rico could improve in regards to its being a vacation-destination of choice. Amigos de los Animales is dedicated to doing its part to bring about a better future for the animals in Puerto Rico, and is more than willing to help any tourist wishing to adopt a dog seen while on vacation here.

If you are a tourist visiting Puerto Rico (or have been), and would like to write to the local government where you witnessed abandoned or abused animals, click on this link and use the drop down menu for that municipality, and write directly to the Mayor governing there.

Alternatively, please write to one of the following agencies and ask them to shift some focus toward bringing about a humane Puerto Rico by working together with the many talented and creative rescue organizations and municipal shelters working toward that goal on the island:

Hon. Luis Fortuno, Governor
La Fortaleza
P.O. Box 9020082
San Juan, PR 00902-0082

Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Jaime Lopez Diaz, Executive Director
P.O. Box 902-3960
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902-3960

Thank you so much for any support you can offer. We truly appreciate all help in any way it comes.

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Amigos de los Animales, Inc.
Hc 1 Box 7622
Loiza, PR 00772
Phone: (787) 313-5653

Email: Amigos de los Animales, Inc.

Amigos de los Animales