Centro de Control y Protección de Animales (C.C.P.A.)

Directoría de Infraestructura, Ambiente y Trasportación (D.I.A.T.)

Municipio Autónomo de Ponce

Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico

(Center for Control and Animal Protection of the Division of Infrastructure, Environment and Transportation of the Municipality of Ponce, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico)

Our Pet List


We are currently sort of staff. Please call the shelter as our web updates and emails are not up to date. We hope this situation is temporary and we wellcome volunteers who want to help us keep our pet list up to date.

You might have noticed that our pet list is now an all Spanish list. The basic pet information will continue to be in English but the description of the pets will be mostly in Spanish. We have three reasons for this change: first, we do not ship animals out of Puerto Rico; second, most of our adoptions are to Spanish speaking families and third, our volunteers are all Spanish-speaking people, so we can load pictures faster in Spanish. Sorry for the inconviniences this could cause to English speaking residents of Puerto Rico.

We offer conferences to Ponce's elementary and junior high school students. If you are a local teacher, please contact us to schedule a lecture for your students.

Do you want to help out? What about some old balls or children toys for your shelter? Many toys for tots can be adjusted so they are safe for pets. When your children outgrow their toys, think about your local shelter. A "3 tire-car" might be a lot of fun for a cat and an old basketball makes a great toy for a kenneled puppy. Shelters go through a lot of toys in a year because toys break while being used or sanitized. Be a pal, help your local shelter, do not throw old toys away!

Are you good with pictures? Do you own a digital camera? Want to be our photographer?


En estos momentos no estamos contestando e-mails pero si estamos todos los viernes actualizando nuestra lista de mascotas. Por favor, llámenos por teléfono para información actualizada de las mascotas que tenemos disponible para adopción. Si desea ser voulntario y ayudar a mantener nuestra página cibernética al día, nuestras animales se lo agradecerán.

Niños que deseen ayudarnos, pueden donar sus juguetes viejos a nuestros animalitos. Bolas de goma, bolas de pelota o baloncesto son tremendos juguetes para animalitos en espera de un nuevo hogar. Hablen con sus papás para que ellos nos llamen.

Si tienes dotes de fotografo y cámara digital...considera donar tu tiempo para tomar fotos de los animalitos. Una foto habla más que mil palabras

Who We Are

The C.C.P.A. is within the Section of Environmental Contol of D.I.A.T. We are located in the west side of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico. We opened our doors in 1995 with the mision of helping to reduce the stray animal problem in our town and finding homes for adoptable animals.

¿Quiénes somos nosotros?...

El D.C.P.A. pertenece a la Unidad de Control Ambiental de la Directoria de Infraestructura, Ambiente y Transportacion del MUNICIPIO AUTONOMO DE PONCE. Abrimos nuestras puertas en el 1995 con la tarea de disminuir el problema de animales realengos de la ciudad de Ponce y encontrar hogares para animales adoptables.

Our Schedule for Adoptions

Our schedule for ADOPTIONS is: Monday-Friday from 9:00am -12:00pm and 1:00pm -3:00pm. For information call between 7:30am - 3:30pm. Adoptions take about 1 hour, so plan accordingly.

We do NOT ship animals out of the Island. Foreigners are wellcome to visit and adopt, but you must meet the animal in person, here at the shelter. We will help you with the travel arragenments for the animal. Sorry, but no "over-the-phone-adoptions." On very special and rare occasions we have worked with another shelter here on the Island and their personnel does the overseas adoption. This is on a case by case situation and it is expensive so it requires a very special kind of owner and situation.

Horario para adopciones

Nuestro HORARIO para adopciones es de lunes a viernes de 9:00am -12:00M y de 1:00pm a 3:00pm. Adoptar toma alrededor de 1 hora, debe de planear apropiadamente.

No hacemos adopciones por teléfono, tiene que venir en persona a conocer los animalitos.

Adopting a Friend

Adopting a pet is easy and inexpensive, but it is a serious committment.

When you visit our Center, you will be interviewed to better assist you; then, you will tour the facilities so you can view the animals. If you select a pet, you will fill out an application form, get literature and hear a lecture on pet care and responsible pet ownership.

We will then, hook you up with one of the local vets, who will provide your new pet with vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery at a low cost for you (estimated prices for the year 2006: you pay at the vet's, between $50-120, depending the size/gender of animal). After (and only AFTER) you visit the veterinarian and make an appointment for the "almost-yours" dog/cat, we (US, not you) take the dog directly from the shelter to the vet. You pickup the dog at the vet's office. Note that the animal as such is a gift; you are only paying for the medical procedures. The goal is to ensure that you will receive a vaccinated & neutered/spayed animal.

Proceso de adoptar una mascota

Adoptar es sencillo, pero el compromiso es serio.

Cuando nos visite, usted completa un formulario de pre-adopción para poder ayudarlo a seleccionar mejor al animal. Luego usted visita la zona de adopción. Si usted decide adoptar una mascota, entonces usted firma un contrato de adopción, escucha una charla sobre el cuido de la mascota y se le otorga un referido médico veterinario. Usted lleva el referido al veterinario y obtiene una cita para que la mascota se vacune y esterilize/castre. El costo del paquete de vacunación y cirugía comienza en unos $50 a $120; dicho costo es su responsabilidad. Nosotros llevamos a la mascota al veterinario. Usted busca a su mascota en el veterinario después que esta ha sido vacunada y operada.

Volunteering and Donations

We no not accept money nor pet food. We do ask you to tell all your friends, family and coworkers that we exist, and that we need your help in finding homes for all our orphan animals. Let us all work until every single dog and cat has home.

Voluntarios y Donativos

No aceptamos dinero ni comida de animales. Si le pedimos que nos ayude esparciendo la voz; mencionele a su familia y amigos que si desean una mascota nos visiten. Su auspio es el mejor donativo.


We are located in the beautiful town of Ponce in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Ponce is easily reached by car using Highway #52 (Luis A. Ferré Expressway). Baramaya St. has its own exit off Hwy 52. The shelter is located about 1.5 miles on the left hand side on Baramaya St. It's a large cement building with parking on the right side of the structure.

Directions from Hwy #52 east or west:

If you are coming from San Juan (the east), we are the very last Ponce exit. After paying at the tollbooth, look for the sign "Baramaya/Ponce Oeste" leads you to an exit which quickly splits into two: "Baramaya", on the left lane and "Ponce Oeste" on the right lane. Keep to the left and you are just where our street starts. About 1.5 miles, look to your left and you will find us.
If you are visiting us from Mayaguez (the west side of Puerto Rico); at Ponce, get on the entrance ramp for Hwy #52, and just before you actually enter Hwy #52, you will see an exit ramp for "Baramaya St.," take that ramp and follow above instructions to the shelter.


Estamos ubicados en la Calle Baramaya #3821. Nuestro edificio está muy bien rotulado. Si nos visita desde el este (San Juan), la autopista Luis A. Ferré tiene una salida para la Calle Baramaya luego del peaje de Ponce. Use esta salida; guie 1.5 millas y nos verá en el lado izquierdo. Si nos visita desde el oeste (Mayaguez), deje la carretera #2 (justo al llegar a Ponce) y tome la autopista, antes de entrar en la autopista -propiamete hablando en la misma rampa de entrada a la autopista- encontrará una pequeña salida rotulada Calle Baramaya. Use esta salida y nos encontrará a 1.5 millas en el lado izquierdo.

Centro de Control y Protección de Animales
#3821 Baramaya St.
Municipio Autónomo de Ponce
Ponce PR 00728-2698
Phone: (787)844-6020 & (787)844-6015
Fax: (787)284-1975
Email: puertorican_dogs@hotmail.com

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