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If you need to surrender rats to us, they become our property to adopt out or permanently home if they cannot be adopted. We do not return rats to you once they have been surrendered, so please be sure you definitely want to give them up before contacting us. 


We do not have transportation or a pick-up service. If you have a rat or rats to surrender, they must be brought to either our primary foster home in Northeast Philadelphia, or one of our other foster homes in the Philadelphia/NJ areas.


Because we use our own personal funds and supplies to care for the rats we receive, depending on the generosity of outside donors usually only for our veterinary bills, we are often short on food and cages.


Therefore, we request a $10.00 donation per rat being surrendered if the rats you are asking us to take are your own pets; however if you are donating the rat's cage and supplies, that fee is waived. In certain other surrender situations, we also will waive the surrender fee, for instance, if one of our volunteers contacted you for your rats after seeing a "free to a good home" ad, there is no surrender fee unless you choose to give one.


In most cases, we do not accept rats from shelters, pet stores, breeders or hoarding situations. We have very limited resources and a limited number of foster homes. We take rats only from urgent, emergency situations especially those involving abandonment, illness, old age and abuse. If you cannot keep your rats for other reasons, please plan to responsibly rehome them, or bring them to your nearest rat-friendly animal shelter or humane society (if you need recommendations, please ask us.)


If mutually requested, we will put you in touch with the adopter who ends up adopting your rat or rats so that both of you can be in contact.

Adopting A Friend

**PLEASE NOTE**: In almost all cases, all the information we have on a rat is contained in their Petfinder profile. We cannot discuss a specific animal in more detail with you until we have an approved adoption application from you. Once you have been approved, you will be able to adopt any available rat we have, at any time in the future (unless your rental situation changes in which case the application would need to be updated). The location in which a rat is listed is where they are being foster-homed. This does not mean you must pick the rat up from that location, foster parents usually bring  their rats to our main foster home in Northeast Philadelphia once the adoption has been approved. Please note also that we are not a shelter with a facility that is open to the public: we are a network of private homes acting as foster homes. Therefore we do not have visiting hours as if we were a shelter. Instead, we allow visitation of our rats by appointment only.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.






Please copy this application into an email, fill it out completely, and email it to us at: prradopt@gmail.com:












Name of rat(s) being applied for:      _____________________ (if you came to us through an Adopt A Pet or Petfinder listing, PLEASE ALSO GIVE SECOND CHOICE in case the first was already recently adopted)




Description of rat(s):   ______________________________________________________________  




Gender and Age(s) of Rat(s):           _______________________________________________________




If you have no specific rat(s) in mind to adopt, what type/age of rat (s) would you like, if it matters?  Or would you be willing to adopt a rat/ rats in most need? 












Full Name:_______________________________________  Age:________








City:_______________________________________  State: __  ZIP: __________


 Are you a college student? ________ If so, will you take these rats home with you when school ends, either on break or when you graduate? ______




Are you in the military? Do you anticipate having to relocate overseas anytime in the next 2 years for any reason: military, college, etc? ________ 






Phone: (H)  ________________________ (C)  ________________________




FACEBOOK Page Email: (this is so our adoption coordinator can add you to our private PRR adopter's discussion group on Facebook once you’ve been approved, and you can participate  in the group to ask care questions, etc): ____________________




EMPLOYER (Name and phone):______________________________________________


PLEASE GIVE TWO PERSONAL REFERENCES OF PEOPLE WHO KNOW YOU WELL (Name, Address and Phone):1.______________________________________________________________________________










What is your reason for wanting to adopt pet rats specifically?














 If you do not have children, do you plan to have them in the coming year or two?_______________________










Do you live in a (circle/underline one):                              House                   Apartment


Do you (circle/underline one)                                                         Own                      Rent




REQUIRED: If you rent, please submit a copy of the page of your lease which states that PETS ARE ALLOWED. If you cannot find the lease, please give us the name and number of your landlord:             ______________________________________ 




If you move in the future, what will you do with your rat(s)?         








Are all members of your household aware of your plans to adopt a rat(s) (circle/underline one)?   YES           NO 




# of adults: _____   # and ages of children_______________________




Who will be responsible for the rat(s)?________________________




What are the dimensions of the cage that will be used to house the rat(s)?  _____x_____x_____. Is the cage metal, plastic or glass? (Please also email us  along with this app, a picture of the cage to be used.)




Rats need plenty of hiding places in their cage and hammocks and toys are very good as well.


Rats also need lots of supervised outside of the cage playtime with you every day.




Are you prepared to provide the rat(s) with hiding places, hammocks, toys and outside of the cage playtime every day?  (Circle/underline one)          YES                  NO




What do you plan to feed your rat (please be specific on rat food brands)?








What bedding or litter do you plan to use in the cage?








What will you do with your rat(s) when you go on vacation?






 Does anyone in the family have allergies to animals?__________


Have you ever deliberately bred rats before, and for what purpose?










Have you or anyone in your household ever been convicted of animal abuse, neglect or cruelty?  (Circle one)  YES                   NO




Do you or  anyone in your household own a snake or reptile? ___________________




Do you or anyone in your household own dogs? If so, what breeds? _________________________________________




When rats become ill, they can require costly veterinary care. Are you willing and financially able to provide your rats with the care they may need? (Circle/underline one)  YES                 NO


If your rats became seriously ill and were suffering terribly, what would you do?______________________________________




Does anyone in the household smoke?                 (Circle/underline one)  YES            NO  








Please provide contact information for a veterinarian that has your records on file:




Name of Veterinarian:  ________________________________________




Address:                             ________________________________________




Phone Number:                  ________________________________ (REQUIRED)


(NOTE: If you do not give/have a veterinarian reference we cannot adopt to you. However, if you have never owned a pet before, we will need a reference from a similar source as a veterinarian, such as an animal rescue you may have volunteered for.) **If the veterinary records are listed under another name, please note that information here as well!**




Please list all of the animals by name which have been part of your family during the last 10 years (if you need more room, please continue the list on the back or in another email.  Please include reptiles and birds as well as mammals.




Indicate the status of each using the codes below:


0=Still with me                          1= Died                 2= Placed in another home                   ]


3= Lost/ran away                4= Stolen                      5= Turned into shelter


6= Euthanized                           7= Sold




      Pet’s Name                          Species/Breed                   Gender   Neutered?                 Status 




1 _________________________ _____________________________       M  F        Y  N             ___




2 _________________________ _____________________________       M  F        Y  N             ___




3 _________________________ _____________________________       M  F        Y  N             ___




4 _________________________ _____________________________       M  F        Y  N             ___




5 _________________________ _____________________________       M  F        Y  N             ___


(if you need more room please continue on the back of the form)




(Unless otherwise noted, there is an adoption donation of $15 for the first rat and $10 for each additional rat being adopted at the same time. In the cases of older rats that are bonded to each other and must be adopted as a group, we do not charge an adoption fee after the third rat being adopted at the same time, if you will adopt them to keep them together as a family!


The adoption donation is normally to be given to the foster parent you pick up your rats from, to help reimburse them for their fostering expenses.) **Please note also that if you would like your new rats to be spayed or neutered, we can arrange that via several area vets we work with (in both PA and NJ) whose rates for spaying/neutering are very reasonable!** (Note that if the rat you are adopting was already spayed/neutered when we received them, the adoption donation is the same as if they were not already spayed/neutered.)






I hereby certify that all information supplied by me on this application is true.






Signature:_________________________________                            Date: _________________




      When completed, please email this form to prradopt@gmail.com




PHILLY RAT RESCUE/P. O. BOX 45662/PHILADELPHIA, PA 19149-5662/(856)357-6603


http://www.phillyratrescue.com          phillyratrescue@gmail.com (General Info email only)


                                     We are an all-volunteer organization



Who We Are

We are a small rat rescue/advocacy/referral organization located in the city of Philadelphia. We were established in 2012, and we exist to help rescue neglected, abused or homeless rats. Normally we only accept single rats and paired rats from private individuals within a 50 mile radius of the city of Philadelphia, and we only accept adoption applications from those living within a 50 mile radius of the city. We cannot take large groups of rats in due to limited space and volunteers, therefore we do not take rats from shelters, pet stores or hoarding situations, or in non-emergency cases. We do not normally do long distance adoptions unless the adopter is previously known to us and has adopted before from us or from another rescue.


We also sponsor the Saint Francis Rat Sanctuary, a safe haven for elderly/infirm rats who might otherwise be abandoned. Space permitting, they are able to live out their "golden months" with our foster families, being spoiled ratten!


PHILLY RAT RESCUE is a non-political, non-sectarian organization. Our only purposes are to rescue/rehome needy pet rats, to provide a safe sanctuary for elderly, ill rats, and to educate people concerning their needs, as well as show them what wonderful pets they are. We also advocate for the well-being of all domestic rats everywhere, and act as a referral agency to other rescues and shelters when our foster homes are full. We are an all-volunteer organization.


We are the only rat rescue located in the city of Philadelphia, and we are but minutes away from  the Tacony-Palmyra, Walt Whitman, Betsy Ross and Burlington-Bristol bridges! We are conveniently located to serve all of Philadelphia, lower Bucks County, eastern Montgomery County, and central/southern NJ.


We are also available for boarding/pet sitting if you are going away either for a brief business weekend or a long vacation! Our members are very experienced in rat care and we are here to help if you need us. We began this service after learning that most pet-sitting services either do not accept rats for boarding, or are inexperienced in rat care.






If you would like to apply to adopt one of our available rats, please cut/paste our adoption application (see above) into an email and send it to: prradopt@gmail.com!


Come Visit Us

Our mailing address is:


P. O. Box 45662


Philadelphia, PA 19149-5662


Our phone is:


856-357-6603 (available 24/7, 7 days a week)


Our website is:




Our email contact is:




(Adoptions only: prradopt@gmail.com )

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